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Sunday, October 20, 2013

windmill floor lamp #2

Yep, we made another windmill floor lamp
...for the new office this time.

You may remember last year when we made this one.
 It's one of my favorite lamps.
 We started with this old windmill base.
We used a lamp kit (about 10 bucks) 
we picked up from Home Depot. 
 We added a shade and in just a few minutes 
we had this super cool unique floor lamp.

When we came across another super cool
windmill base, this time in a perfect shade of green,
we just had to make another one.
 This base is a little bigger than the other one.
It also has that great shelf like base at the top.
That made it a little more difficult to figure out
where to put a shade.  Adding it to the very top
would make the entire lamp soooooo tall.
 So, we decided to use an Edison bulb 
and let the bulb show; no shade.
The top of this windmill looks a little like a cage already
so that cage would be the "shade."
sorry this is a little blurry. bad time of day for pic.
You can see from the side at the very top
how we just dropped the bulb down.
You can't see it but the four top "prongs"
were secured together with wire
so they created the perfect size opening to hold the bulb.
Now we have another interesting floor lamp.
It looks sort of like a piece of industrial art
during the day and its a functional lamp at night.
The bottom half of this lamp could also be used
to clip pictures, photos or papers to with some vintage clips.

The rest of the new office is coming along.
I hope to have it finished later today or next weekend.
I'm just working on the fun part, decorating!
I just can't decide exactly where I want things to be.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Its the Simple Things

If you are ever in the north Texas area, you must visit 

They are re-opening their store this week
in a brand new location and it is amazing!

I asked them if I could share the news and
some of the pictures here on my blog because 
you just have to see this place.

This isn't just a regular furniture and home decor store 
where you walk in to see the merchandise.
It's an experience. 
   How many stores do you go into and actually marvel at the walls of the building or notice the ceiling and the floors.  
The place is a beautiful structure.  
You'll want to move right in. 

Can someone put these floors in my house please?

Once you get past the stunning architecture of the building
 (which they created from a generic warehouse space),
get ready for your jaw to drop.

Here are some pictures of inside Simple Things.

Those seltzer bottles are not just any bottles.
See the tag?  It says Joe T. Garcia's which 
is a restaurant icon around here. How cool.

This is so me.  Love the pop of red!

Not only will you want to buy everything,
but you will be inspired with decorating ideas.

I know.  Your jaw dropped.
Close your mouth before you drool.

Are you wanting more?
Get ready to blow up your Pinterest account.
Click here to visit their blog and see more pictures
of how they built this store and more of what is inside.
Better yet, visit them at 
7401 W Vickery
in Fort Worth, Texas.

What do you think?  Are you in love with this place?
What did you pin?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone.

This year we had to improvise with our Christmas decorations.
Remember this cute little puppy, Scarlett, we got earlier this year?
and of course, our little Maisy we got the year before? 
Well, now they are partners in crime.  
 Scarlett is 10 months old. 
Those of you who have had labrador puppies know that
10 month old lab youngsters and Christmas trees just don't mix.
Instead of putting up our big tree, we put up a little one
on top of our antique pie rack.
At first I was a bit disappointed.  
I'm very traditional when it comes to the holidays.
Then, I saw the possibilities; decorating with things
I've never used before.
This old chip clip became our Christmas card holder
that hung on one side of the rack.
Here's our favorite Christmas card this year.
Our fun friends, the Yarbroughs, dressed up as Elvis.
(That's mom, dad and two beautiful girls).
 an old metal tool box holds ornaments
 a bunch of old outdoor faucet knobs tied with wire
became my red industrial garland
 There was plenty of room to add presents on all of the shelves
but still out of reach from pups.
 Red velvet ribbon, silver beads and mercury glass little ornaments
made the tree pretty cute.
 This rack turned out to be a great place to hold all of the
treats we made to share with family, friends and neighbors.
 We made several batches of peppermint syrup and
homemade cookie butter.
Maybe a small tree on the old pie rack isn't such a bad idea.
All of the shelves are really kind of handy.
Hope you enjoy special time with your family and friends
this holiday season.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Remember this?
I went a little bold for a change.

I wanted an impact wall in my second entry area and wanted to go
a little vintage industrial.  When I posted about this in June, I said
I kind of liked it but wasn't sure if I loved it.
I asked you for feedback and I got some great feedback 
and suggestions from you.  
I now know that I didn't love it.  
It looked like I slapped those on a wall and called it a day.
Maybe I did.

So, I reworked it a bit.
Some of you suggested I frame it in or paint the background a different color.
It needed some kind of perimeter to define it and finish it out.  
I have a piece of old moulding that has traveled around my house
and currently didn't have a home.  
So, I added it here to define and contain my collection of Gs and 3s.

I also add some smaller ones to fill in some of the big blank spaces.

There is still room to add more if I find just the right ones
but for now it looks more finished.

I like this a lot better.  

This is my favorite one.  It's an old thin metal stencil.
What do you think now?
You were all so kind last time when it really didn't look good.
By the way, they are all hanging straight.  
For some reason, some of them look a little crooked
in the picture but I assure you they are perfectly straight
in real life or it would drive me insane.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another one?

Yep, I found another red number 3 and this one is a doozy!  (Is that how you spell doozy?) 
We needed a little break this past weekend from some pretty tough things going on around here 
(I've been thinking about sharing what's happened but it's been a difficult one to write).

So, we went to the Round Top Winter Antiques Show to have a look around.  
It was a great break from things.  There were the amazing (AMAZING) things usually found there 
but not the usual overwhelming crowds.  I could have spent a fortune.  

I did find that great big red 3 I mentioned.
It's porcelain and has the huge bolts that stick out of the back since it was part of a sign.

Those bolts were almost 3 inches long.  We discussed how we could hang it 
or how we could cut the bolts off...and then how would we hang it.  Not sure what I wanted to do,
I went to set it on the table and guess what I discovered?

The bolts make the perfect stand to hold the 3 up.  
Who needs to hang it when it comes with its own built-in stand?

It's about a foot tall.  
(I got that little bowling pin there too.)

For now it's on my mantle but I'm not sure I'm leaving it there.

Everywhere I set it, it looks good so I can't decide where it will live.

I got it for $15 bucks.  Some of the similar ones were going for about $40.
That's a good enough deal for me.

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