Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is so cool

This is so cool!

This past Saturday I went to the Treasure Spotters Flea Market in McKinney
and had a great time.  I'll show you later what I bought because today
I want to show you what I wish I could have bought.

Thanks to 
for the head's up about this fun Flea Market
next to downtown McKinney, Tx.

Want to see what was so cool?
Brandy from Pocket Full of Heirlooms takes vintage campers
and completely makes them over.
Check out her Facebook page and the photos for how she does this
and how she created her space at the Flea Market.
She also has an etsy shop you can find on her Facebook page.

There were two campers to view, a pink one and a blue one.
Here are the pictures I snapped with my iPhone.
First up, the pink one.

and now the blue one.

I would love to have one of these.
She said some people have bought them to use
 as guest rooms at their home.
I certainly wouldn't mind staying in a guest room like this.
Wouldn't you love it?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We couldn't take it anymore

Things just haven't been the same around here
since we lost Bella back in January.
We just couldn't take it anymore.
So, we've added a new member to our family.
It's time to move on; time for a new beginning.

Meet Scarlett,
or at least that's her name right now.
She was born on Valentine's Day 
and we got her yesterday evening.
We've had a hard time deciding on a name
so the next time you read about her, 
I could be calling her something else
(Harlow, Marlowe, Bailey, Bijou, who knows?)

Maisy loves her.
They play constantly.
Little 4 pound Maisy has no idea
that little Scarlett will be 70 pounds in no time.
She thinks they are the same size.

Ballou is thrilled that Maisy has someone
to play with so maybe now she will leave Ballou alone.
Ballou is 10 years old and has no interest
in the nonsense of young pups.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend.
Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

what a day

What a day it was around here today.  Approximately 6-12 tornadoes
touched down across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

I was at work, at an elementary school in far south Fort Worth near I-20, working with a graduate student who was providing speech-language therapy services to two young fourth grade students.
We were in "duck and cover" mode for two hours in a small office.
The two young students were scared I'm sure but they were so awesome.
They were mature, followed instructions, remained calm and quiet at all time,
and stayed in that uncomfortable duck and cover position off and on 
with out one complaint; no whiny, no panic, nothing.
My son was texting me from across town at his school.
He said his administrators had assured them
they were in no "imminent" danger and he was fine but
 a little upset they had cut short his lunch period to get all of the students
to safe locations within the school.
(His cafeteria area is surrounded by huge windows which is not safe.) 
Sometimes kids just amaze me.
Luckily, the tornadoes missed our area.
Other areas were hard hit but as of this moment
we are hearing that there are no serious injuries or deaths.
Thank goodness.

That is an 18 wheeler being hurled around in the air.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I picked up this inexpensive red metal lamp
at World Market last weekend.

They had an inexpensive burlap shade to go with it.

I added a little red stripe in less than a minute.

Two more months until school is out around here and I can't wait!
This year has been one of my craziest years at work
(the kind that makes you actually think about how soon you can retire; 
unfortunately that's a long way off for me)
 I am so looking forward to summer.
Hopefully by then I can catch up on projects,
post more often and leave more comments on your blogs as well.

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