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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

can you be in love with a chair?

I bought this chair.
I think I'm in love with it.
A little leather and a little burlap and sweet.

As I was doing my duty of walking the antique mall for 2 hours
(booth owners have to donate 4 hours or pay a little fee)
I can't help but shop.  I have a few booths that I head to first and 
one of them is the beautiful booth, Bountiful.
I spied this chair.

Look at all that industrial vintageness on wheels.

It's adjustable and it works.

It looks just as good from the back.

She had covered the seat in a little burlap.

I didn't pay much for this sweet little thing
which makes it even sweeter.
I just love this little chair.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finders Keepers

This never happens to me!  Apparently it happens to a lot of you but it just doesn't happen to me.  For my job, I had to go to a school the other day.  I arrive at the school and park across the street next to a big ugly wall that surrounds an industrial/commercial area.  I turn off my car, open my door and there, next to the wall, is this:

It was just sitting there all alone.  Oh my gosh, that is so cute and looks like something those blog people find but I never do...yet here it is right in front of my eyes.  (Now, being the goody goody that I am, I did ask inside the school if it belonged to the school.  No, it didn't, followed by chuckles was the response I got.  Now, I know about half of you wouldn't do a thing to it and the other half would strip, sand, paint, distress, paint again, distress again and seal.  (A few of you might not of picked it up.)  I am somewhere in the middle.  I loved it as is except for one thing.

I don't like the wicker stuff in the middle at all.  I can hear about half of you saying "that's the best part" and the other half saying "yep, that's pretty yucky ugly." 

Close up...see?  I don't like all!  Besides, it was soooo dirty and I don't think I could clean this part to my satisfaction.  Who knows where this table has been.

So, off with the wicker!  Most of it could be pulled up by hand and the rest was scraped.  What was underneath was worse.  It was wood but with a permanent impression of that wicker.  So, here's my solution.

A little burlap can fix anything.  So, I cut some burlap to fit and used a little dab of glue to glue it down.

Next, a little jute twine around the edges to finish it a little (yep, just glued it too). 

See, it's already looking better!  I like the burlap and jute twine lots, lots better than the yucky wicker. Ready to see the finished project?  Here it is and all for free since the table was free and I had burlap and twine laying around the house.  Doesn't everybody?

Pretty cute, huh? 

Top it off with a big old rusty horseshoe for a little Texas style cottage flair.

I'm so happy with it, I may link it up with a couple of my favorite link parties listed below on the right or up above on my list.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

do it yourself grainsacks

These french linen-vintage grain sack-feedsack-vintage burlap bags or whatever you call them are the coolest things and I wanted some.  I wanted some pillows and I wanted some to recover a couple of chairs and possibly a couple of barstools.  I like the simple ones with one or two stripes.  However, they are way more expensive then I want to pay so I haven't bought any yet.  I just drool over the pictures of ones I want. 

So, my friend, Jennie, found this link and sent it to me.  Kathleen @ Musings From A French Cottage figured out how to make her own and shared the step by step instructions on her blog.  So, I gave it a try and here's how it turned out. Wait until you see the finished product!  By the way, total costs: less than $10.00 ( $6.00 for 2 yards of burlap although I only used less than a yard, $4.00 for a couple of bottles of paint althought I only used a little bit. )

Here's are my supplies: burlap, fabric paint, painter's tape, paintbrush, newspaper and a paper plate (not picture: scissors and a staplegun)
Here is the chair seat I want to recover.
First, I did a test stripe. Tape off where you want your stripe to be.
Paint!  I dry brushed the paint on lightly and repeated until I got the coverage and color I wanted. 
I wasn't sure if I wanted a red stripe or a brown stripe.  After testing both, I decided to do red. Pull the tape off and you have a stripe!
I then taped off two smaller stripes and painted those.
Here's what it looked like after the tape came off.
So, for the real thing, I decided I wanted two thin red stripes.  So, I cut a square of burlap a little bigger than my chair seats.  Taped off the stripes.
Painted the stripes red.  I found out that you can paint them as perfectly or imperfectly as you like.  The less perfect ones looked a bit more vintage and authentic.
Here's what it looked like after I pulled off the tape. At this point, I'm getting a little excited about this.
Here are my finished burlap fabrics for my two seats.  They needed to sit a while to dry completely.
Recovering the seats.
Put the seats back on the chairs.
Not bad, huh?  Ten bucks!
I put the chair back in it's place.  Sorry for the mess, we're getting ready for Valentine's Day.
I think they look really great, especially for ten bucks.  Thanks, Kathleen for the idea and tutorial. 
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