Tuesday, July 26, 2011

can you be in love with a chair?

I bought this chair.
I think I'm in love with it.
A little leather and a little burlap and sweet.

As I was doing my duty of walking the antique mall for 2 hours
(booth owners have to donate 4 hours or pay a little fee)
I can't help but shop.  I have a few booths that I head to first and 
one of them is the beautiful booth, Bountiful.
I spied this chair.

Look at all that industrial vintageness on wheels.

It's adjustable and it works.

It looks just as good from the back.

She had covered the seat in a little burlap.

I didn't pay much for this sweet little thing
which makes it even sweeter.
I just love this little chair.

Monday, July 25, 2011

cottage mail

My cousin, Gale, has added a little something to her Austin cottage.  It's clever and so cute.

Gale took some photos of her new addition, had them printed and then sent them
to me by mail; you know, post office mail...hard copies.
I still love getting mail in my physical mailbox in the front of my house
but it makes it kind of hard to share the pictures with you.
I have to scan them into the computer and it's almost impossible to edit them.
I like what she's done though and really wanted to share it with you 
so here are the pictures she sent me.

Do you remember my cousin's cottage?  A few months ago, I shared
a lot of pictures of her house and gardens.  It was a cool spring day
in the early morning when I took the pictures.
If you missed the posts about the cottage, you can visit them
by clicking on the link on the upper right sidebar of my blog.

Here is her house on a hot Texas summer day.
Do you see her little addition near the road?
She's changed her mailbox.

She used an old sewing machine base (all perfectly white and chipped up, 
added a board to the top, a couple of smaller pieces of wood on each side
of the mailbox for support, nailed it all together and there you go!

How cute is that?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

vintage, red and metal

A couple of weeks ago I hinted to you in this post that I had bought something vintage, red and metal.
I said it was bigger than a breadbox and asked if you had any guesses as to what it might be.
You all came up with some great guesses but nobody actually figured it out.

So what could it be?
How about an adorable vintage red metal bed?

I saw this in Ruby Grace's "red booth" at Lonestar Antique Mall.
Denis who owns the booth along with two other really cool booths 
let me have it for such a great deal that I couldn't say no.  
That cute bed was just begging me to give it a good home.

When I made over my sunroom into a project room,
I had this great bench in there for seating.

Then I decided to move that bench to the front porch
and when I did, I decided this was where it belonged.

Moving that bench to the porch created the cutest seating area but
left a huge void in the sunroom.

Enter cute vintage metal red bed.
It's going to be my new daybed/lounging sofa.

It has remnants of a sweet floral decal on the headboard

and awesome little wheels.

Those 3 little pots need some greenery, huh?

I added some bedding and pillows

and a comfy cotton throw

and presto, a daybed.

I am not a formal person.  I love the comfy slightly disheveled look.

What a great place for friends to hang out in the sunroom.
I guess it wouldn't be such a bad place to take a nap (if I took naps)
or even let a guest use if we need an extra bed.

Maybe I will go take a nap.  There's not much else we can do down here
in Texas right now.  We've had 3 straight weeks of 100+ temperatures, 
ridiculous humidity and not a drop of rain.  When you step outside,
you immediately start sweating...even before you feel really hot.
Hope others experiencing this heat wave are staying cool!

Friday, July 15, 2011

cool little etsy purchase

I love looking at all the great stuff on etsy and occasionally purchase some great things from there.
I recently came across an interesting etsy shop and couldn't click fast enough to purchase some
cool little industrial letters.

Peppercorns is run by a sweet person, Linda.  
She specializes in vintage marquee letters, vintage artwork and gift bags and cards.
When I saw the vintage marquee letters, I had to have some.

Linda tells me her sister also has an etsy shop called Vintage Embellishment
where you can find more vintage marquee letters along with many other wonderful things.

Here are my letters right after opening.  Linda also threw in 
a cute little unexpected surprise with my order.  (thanks!)

I have a blank space above this door in the kitchen and
wanted a little something to put there.

How cute!

The letters are resting on the moulding and I put some "tack" 
the back of each one.  "Tack" is that yellow rubbery stuff teachers use to hang things
in the classroom and it's removeable. 

I told Linda that if she ever finds any more that spell out "sweet"
to please let me know so I can add that above the "tea".

Up close, you can see some chips, blue paint specks and wear.
I love that.

I also ordered these "Gs" from her.

This one will be added to my wall I'm working on.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this creamy tan one that still has paint on it; 
there are so many possibilities.  Originally, I had planned to
add it to the wall too but it has this cool little lip on it that allows you to hang it.

I hung it on my big metal tote for now just so I can look at it.

I just love this little letters.

Wouldn't it be cool to spell "hi" on the front door with these letters?
How about "family" on a family room wall or "etc" in your craft room? 
There are so many possibilities.
Thanks Peppercorns!

I don't know Linda from Peppercorns personally and I'm not benefiting financially
in anyway by promoting her site in this post.  
I just ordered something from her and loved it so I thought I would share.  

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