Saturday, March 17, 2012

booth update

Just a quick post to let you know
that Jennie and I updated our booth
at Lonestar Antique Mall.

If you're in the area, we hope you'll stop by
and check it out along with all of the other great vendors there.

blog link: Collected Goods

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

porch stages

In my last post I mentioned how it takes a bit of work 
to keep a front porch looking good all year round.  
As winter around here comes to an end and spring begins,
we packed away all of the winter stuff and have started with a clean slate for spring.
Transforming the porch always happens in stages around here.
First we take everything off the porch and clean it.
Then we bring back the basics; the furniture, plant stands and accent pieces.
 In addition to the old metal bench (that was once a bed),
I brought in these two old metal chairs I bought from my cousin.
 I added some inexpensive seat cushions.
 Next, we added our plants and fresh flowers.
 This old planter looks better already.
 Then we position everything where we want it.
Sometimes this means moving some heavy pieces 
a little bit to the back to the right a wee bit.
 I take a look at everything from all different angles
to make sure I like it.
 Later, we'll add the finishing touches.
Perhaps a few more cute pillows and 
some things on the window table.
 Finally, a little something different on the front door.
 I wanted something different from the usual wreath.
I decided to use this old doorbell I found on etsy
a few months ago.
I like it but not sure if it's enough.
My son doesn't like it.  
He thinks people will stand at the door
trying to figure out how to make it ring
so we'll answer the door.
I assured him only his fellow teenage friends will do that
until they remember the real doorbell is just to their right.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring changes

Spring is arriving here in north Texas
and with it comes changes.

This particular picture below of my front porch apparently is popular.
I get several notices per day that it has been pinned and re-pinned on
I'm not sure why it is so popular.  
Some like the window table while others like the bench.  
I've read comments about nearly every little detail in this picture.  
You know what?  This picture certainly doesn't tell the whole story.
Front porches are wonderful but can be quite a bit of work.

Now that winter is coming to an end around here,
it's time to change up the front porch...and it doesn't start out pretty.
All of the dead plants were removed before the Christmas holidays
and this planter was filled with red ornaments and poinsettias.
Those are all gone now too.  It's been empty for a couple of months.
Wreaths off the door, holiday and winter decorations put away
and the porch is relatively bare.
Winter blankets and pillows are put away.
The porch is a mess with winter debris and dirt...
and did you notice something missing in the table?
It's missing an original pane of glass.  
Like most parts of the country, we had a crazy winter here;
one day it was freezing with snow flurries and 
the next day it was sunny and really warm.
I guess the extreme and quick fluctuations in temperatures
caused the table to expand and contract weakening the hold
on the glass and this pane fell out and broke.
We're getting a replacement.
Everything is out of place and dirty...
...or bare.
It all has to be cleaned and packed away for another season.

Little changes are coming soon though.
Here is a sneak peak.

I'm on spring break this week.

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