Wednesday, March 14, 2012

porch stages

In my last post I mentioned how it takes a bit of work 
to keep a front porch looking good all year round.  
As winter around here comes to an end and spring begins,
we packed away all of the winter stuff and have started with a clean slate for spring.
Transforming the porch always happens in stages around here.
First we take everything off the porch and clean it.
Then we bring back the basics; the furniture, plant stands and accent pieces.
 In addition to the old metal bench (that was once a bed),
I brought in these two old metal chairs I bought from my cousin.
 I added some inexpensive seat cushions.
 Next, we added our plants and fresh flowers.
 This old planter looks better already.
 Then we position everything where we want it.
Sometimes this means moving some heavy pieces 
a little bit to the back to the right a wee bit.
 I take a look at everything from all different angles
to make sure I like it.
 Later, we'll add the finishing touches.
Perhaps a few more cute pillows and 
some things on the window table.
 Finally, a little something different on the front door.
 I wanted something different from the usual wreath.
I decided to use this old doorbell I found on etsy
a few months ago.
I like it but not sure if it's enough.
My son doesn't like it.  
He thinks people will stand at the door
trying to figure out how to make it ring
so we'll answer the door.
I assured him only his fellow teenage friends will do that
until they remember the real doorbell is just to their right.


  1. Looks great!! I have an old chippy door bell hanging on my front door too...I added a P for our last name. And as far as I know...nobody has ever tried to ring it :) Laurel

  2. I love it! You always find the funnest stuff.

  3. Everything looks so great together. I wish I had a porch.

  4. Clever girl! I would have been trying to figure out how to put the bell on my bike...

  5. It looks great. Love the old doorbell, and yes I can picture the teenagers standing at the door with a blank look on their faces :)

  6. Ooh I like that old door bell! And the two metal chairs are fab! :)

  7. I love how you have fixed up your porch. My eye was drawn to all the galvanized steel containers under the table - I love how it grounds the table. Impressive that you have your flowers out already. We've had very warm weather so far and the flowers are about 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule, but it dipped back down to below freezing last night so no planting annuals yet.


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