Sunday, October 20, 2013

windmill floor lamp #2

Yep, we made another windmill floor lamp
...for the new office this time.

You may remember last year when we made this one.
 It's one of my favorite lamps.
 We started with this old windmill base.
We used a lamp kit (about 10 bucks) 
we picked up from Home Depot. 
 We added a shade and in just a few minutes 
we had this super cool unique floor lamp.

When we came across another super cool
windmill base, this time in a perfect shade of green,
we just had to make another one.
 This base is a little bigger than the other one.
It also has that great shelf like base at the top.
That made it a little more difficult to figure out
where to put a shade.  Adding it to the very top
would make the entire lamp soooooo tall.
 So, we decided to use an Edison bulb 
and let the bulb show; no shade.
The top of this windmill looks a little like a cage already
so that cage would be the "shade."
sorry this is a little blurry. bad time of day for pic.
You can see from the side at the very top
how we just dropped the bulb down.
You can't see it but the four top "prongs"
were secured together with wire
so they created the perfect size opening to hold the bulb.
Now we have another interesting floor lamp.
It looks sort of like a piece of industrial art
during the day and its a functional lamp at night.
The bottom half of this lamp could also be used
to clip pictures, photos or papers to with some vintage clips.

The rest of the new office is coming along.
I hope to have it finished later today or next weekend.
I'm just working on the fun part, decorating!
I just can't decide exactly where I want things to be.

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