Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 goals update-the office

At the beginning of this year,
 I wrote a post documenting my home project goals for the year.
It's pretty clear that I won't be accomplishing very many of these projects 
but I have actually been working on a couple of them.

One of those goals was this:

#9 redo office: "We did the office about 3 years ago in the style my husband wanted.  
It had a lot of green and a lot of wood.  It was a bit manly let's say but nice.  
It was so nice that my son slowly started taking in his music equipment bit by bit and before we knew it, the office became his recording studio.  Do you know how neat and tidy and careful young teenage boys are?  Let's just say the office isn't so nice anymore.  My son has moved his equipment to his room upstairs now so the office is ready to become our home office again.  Yes, I have everything I need for this room too and I might have the will to do it.  I just need to pick a paint color." Jan. 2013

We cleared out the office and here's a bit of what we had left.

So, we have dark green walls which my husband loves
but I don't.  
We also have a dark green antique chair that's okay.  
Then we have an old, but not old in a good way, huge stained 
(supposed to be there wood stain and not supposed to be there soda stain) 
computer desk and shelves. 
The desk has a place for a computer CPU and a pull out keyboard
all of which was really nice 12 years ago.  
My mac laptop doesn't need that much space.
Oh and yep, that's an old Victrola in the corner.

I want this office to look completely different. 
I want it to look bright, fresh and clean 
with vintage and industrial touches I like
but also incorporating my husband's favorite green color
and love of cycling and our alma mater.
Luckily, we went to the University of North Texas 
and the university's color is green.  
So, this should be easy.

We've done quite a bit but the office isn't quite finished.
I thought I would give you a sneak peak anyway.

I've gathered things around the house that are green and 
bought a couple of inexpensive repro green metal things for storage.

A few years ago, I picked up these "look old but I don't think they really are"
french maps that are vintage looking paper on linen.  They are super cool
and remind my husband of the stages of the Tour de France.

A green metal locker basket on a white shelf will be great storage.

Picked this up for next to nothing at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.
Looks like a great little holder for notepads.

This vintage cycling poster is huge and was already in the office.
It will stay there.

Found this huge old green windmill base hiding in someone's garage.
Denis, who writes the blog, RubyGrace's and is a dealer at our antique mall
posted pictures on Facebook of his newly organized garage.  
I spied this windmill base in his pictures 
and he let me take it off his hands at a really reasonable price.
Thanks Denis!
I have big plans for it.
Remember this?
This is the old windmill base turned floor lamp in my dining room.
We're going to turn the green one into a slightly different
floor lamp for the office.

This is an old salvage piece of green metal that will be a magnet board.

We have a pair of authentic mid-century butterfly chair frames.
These were my godparents' patio chairs and I inherited them.
The covers were worn out but we will be getting new cream colored
replacement covers for them.  Love these!

This will be the office chair.  It's been in my living room just
sitting in a corner waiting for the perfect spot.
It's a little old wood, leather and burlap
and will bring a bit of warmth to the space.

We've also painted the walls a creamy white.

This office could be finished in a quick weekend if I could
just do one thing....

...finish painting that bookcase.  I started, stopped, started again, stopped
and just can't make myself finish it.  
Someday I'll get it done because I just can't wait for this office to be finished!

What do you think?
Do you like the direction this is going?


  1. I love that you are gathering green pieces from all over the house. I hate when I have everything I need and all I have to do is the hard work. Can you get your son to help with painting the cabinet?

  2. YOur office is looking great. I think the lighter/brighter wall colour really has set the tone. All the industrial bits that you are going to use to store things and light things look like great additions. I"m looking forward to seeing it all done (so get out that paint brush and get at it girl).

  3. Love your site - you have all the cool elements that I wish I could find to decorate my spaces with! Nice start on your bookcase, I think those are even worse to paint than chairs :) Patty


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