Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Its the Simple Things

If you are ever in the north Texas area, you must visit 

They are re-opening their store this week
in a brand new location and it is amazing!

I asked them if I could share the news and
some of the pictures here on my blog because 
you just have to see this place.

This isn't just a regular furniture and home decor store 
where you walk in to see the merchandise.
It's an experience. 
   How many stores do you go into and actually marvel at the walls of the building or notice the ceiling and the floors.  
The place is a beautiful structure.  
You'll want to move right in. 

Can someone put these floors in my house please?

Once you get past the stunning architecture of the building
 (which they created from a generic warehouse space),
get ready for your jaw to drop.

Here are some pictures of inside Simple Things.

Those seltzer bottles are not just any bottles.
See the tag?  It says Joe T. Garcia's which 
is a restaurant icon around here. How cool.

This is so me.  Love the pop of red!

Not only will you want to buy everything,
but you will be inspired with decorating ideas.

I know.  Your jaw dropped.
Close your mouth before you drool.

Are you wanting more?
Get ready to blow up your Pinterest account.
Click here to visit their blog and see more pictures
of how they built this store and more of what is inside.
Better yet, visit them at 
7401 W Vickery
in Fort Worth, Texas.

What do you think?  Are you in love with this place?
What did you pin?


  1. Why did you show me that great space? Fort Worth is too far from southern California for me to drop in and pick up the many things I fell in love with.

    1. I know! You'll just have to plan a vacation and come visit.

  2. Oh my! Lovely. Love the farmer's sign with those chairs and the floors.

    1. Those floors are my favorite part. It's such a unique joint design.

  3. I'll call Patti K. I've got to see this place. Thanks for sharing. Want to join us?

    1. You never know! I might get in trouble since I would want to buy everything. My pal and I used to go to their old location in the University shopping center all the time. We also went to this location when it was still a warehouse right after they moved in. They let us go through the warehouse and pick out things to buy. It was so fun! You and Patti have to go.

  4. GORG! Oh how I wish this was around in the early '90's when we lived in Dallas :) You're a lucky!

    1. Well you can always come visit! You're going to have a new house to furnish soon.

  5. quite impressive the decorating ideas!! ILT!!


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