Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July party needs

There's a little town in Texas called Dublin.  
If you don't live around here, you may have never heard of it. 
 It's really small. 
Maybe you have heard of it though.
Ever heard of Dublin Dr. Pepper?
It's been in the news.

My husband's family is from that part of Texas.
He had relatives from Dublin.
Recently, he and my son stopped in at the former Dublin Dr. Pepper plant
which is now Dublin Bottling Works on their way to DeLeon
(which is an even smaller town).

They brought home a case of this:
Dublin Bottling Works
If you can't get to Dublin, you can order some.
How about some cherry limeade, cream soda, cheerwine,
Texas root beer, blueberry breeze, cola, lemonade or gingerale?

Aren't these great retro vintage style bottles?

They're chillin' in our fridge.

They would be great chillin' in a big tub of ice
for a party or a July 4th celebration.

The twist off caps would make cute little
vintage aqua magnets for that fridge.

They would also look great with these pretty little paper straws.

I want some of these pretty little straws so bad.
I like these chevron straws too...but not quite as much.
I'd like to add the pretty little straws to these.

Maybe these would be better.  They're bigger
and unbreakable.
All of these would make a fun celebration
that much better!

Happy 4th!

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