Monday, October 31, 2011

A shocking turn of events!

You are just not going to believe this.  It's a shocking turn of events!
Devon, you will probably need to sit down before you read this post.

Do you all remember my cousin, Gale's cottage?  
If not, you can read about it herehere and here.

She has decided to sell!
When I say "sell", I mean "SELL" as in "sell. it. all!"
She is selling almost everything she owns
and you will never believe just how much that is.

We spent the day at her place today and bought some things
before the actual estate sell takes place next weekend.
If you are in the Austin area or plan to be on
Nov. 4 and 5, check out her estate sale!

Here come a lot of pictures along with some more details.
I think I captured about 10% of it all.
Every inch of her huge lot is covered.
There were 3 porch swings, a hammock,
a million quilts, linens, windows, doors, 
architectural stuff, white garden furniture,
and piles of good ol' junk.
For even more pictures and more details, visit
Here are pictures of her stuff for sale.
As of today, they were still pulling stuff out, pricing and setting it up.
I've never seen so much stuff.

All of this is going!
I bought a vintage white chenille bedspread for $6.

Those vintage white metal chairs? $20 bucks each.
There's a baby blue one somewhere too.

These heavy metal tables (there were two; one is bigger) would be so cool with a glass top.
I really wanted those little white shutters but I had too much stuff already.
I wanted that huge chicken coop thing too.

They were just starting to pull doors, windows, screens and whatever
out of this shed when we were leaving.

Here's our truck loaded.
Here's what I got!

This used to part of a windmill and will make a
supercool industrial floor lamp.

These are two vintage aluminum cots.  They are so
cute layered in quilts and linens.  My cousin used to put
them out in the yard on cool days when the family was over
and we could sit or lay on them.  

Now I just have to find a place for all of this stuff.
I may sell a couple of things in my booth but
I'm keeping most of it.

When we left, you couldn't tell that we had taken anything.
Her house is still full and the yard was still full 
and they were still pulling more stuff out.
I just had to leave.  It was too much.

Oh, and she also strongly considering selling the cottage as well.
She wants to start fresh, clean slate (literally) and from now on, 
she said she's going all white with no exceptions.
I don't know what her little black dog, Ollie, will think of that.
...and truth be told, she's still out junking and finding new stuff.
That house (or a new one) will be filled again in no time.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

old military dog tags

Recently my husband came across some old family dog tags.
I've kept my dad's old army dog tags too but they've just been
sitting in the bottom of my jewelry box. 

I've always loved the dog tags but I've never 
figured out how to display them or use them 
in a creative way.

Then I realized the chain on these tags 
reminded me of something else.

It's a similar chain to the ones on my ceiling fans.

I hate the pulls on my ceiling fans.

These pulls on the front porch fan aren't too bad...

...but these wooden things on the ceiling fan in the main living area
are ugly.

I can't stand these pulls (I can't stand the fan either
but I don't want to spend money on a new one yet either).
I'm saving my money for a special thing happening tomorrow
but that I can't tell you about yet.  It's a bit of a secret.
I will tell you about it on Monday.  You won't believe it!
but I digress..

So, I swapped out the fan pulls and put the old dog tags on them.

I love these old dog tags so much better.  
They look so cool.

We just have to remember to take them off if we ever get a new fan!

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