Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quick post, super quick recipe

When I first saw this recipe, I thought "no way."
Yep, way.

I like to start my son off in the morning 
with a decent breakfast.
His idea of decent would be Poptarts and Dr. Pepper
if I let him have his way.
I have several quick breakfast ideas 
I make for him but most take at least 15-20 minutes.
(He doesn't like cereal so that quick meal is out).
On certain days like test taking days, I like to
make bacon and eggs but you know, you have
to get out a skillet and actually cook.
Since I'm getting ready for work too, 
it's just a lot to do in the morning.

So, what if you could make scrambled eggs and bacon
in about 2 minutes...maybe less?
I found this idea on Pinterest.  
There are several versions of the recipe you can check out
but this is our version we like.

Microwave Scrambled Eggs In A Mug

You will need (for one serving):
a mug
2 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
salt and pepper as you like
2 tablespoons shredded cheese (optional)
a couple of strips of microwaveable bacon

Crack the two eggs into the mug.

Add the milk, cheese, salt and whisk.

Microwave 45 seconds.

Stir again (it won't be done yet)

Microwave again for 30-45 seconds.
When you see it rise high above the mug,
it's done.
Make your bacon (which takes about 30 seconds).

Crumble a piece of bacon over the top.
I stick another piece in the side to make it pretty
which my 14 year old son sees as amusing
but unnecessary.

That's it. 
30 seconds of prep, about a minute or so in the microwave
and 30 seconds to make bacon and you have
scrambled eggs and bacon in about two minutes.

My son took the PSAT today as a freshman.
He needed a hearty little breakfast 
so this is what he had.
He thinks it's kind of weird but he eats it. 


  1. My oldest is getting so picky about eating, thanks for the idea.

  2. How I wish my son would eat this. Great idea.

  3. I was watching worst cooks of America and one of the girls said, " The only way I know how to make scrambled eggs is in the microwave. " of course they all laughed and thought it was crazy. The only thing I could think was, " In the microwave?! That's amazing!" I tried it and loved it. It's perfect because one kid wants cereal in the morning, my husband wants a fried egg, and another kid wants scrambled. I can make it all super quick and without a million dirty dishes! Anyway....My point. I love it too. haha! I would love for you to share this on my WhateverWednesday link party!


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