Saturday, October 29, 2011

old military dog tags

Recently my husband came across some old family dog tags.
I've kept my dad's old army dog tags too but they've just been
sitting in the bottom of my jewelry box. 

I've always loved the dog tags but I've never 
figured out how to display them or use them 
in a creative way.

Then I realized the chain on these tags 
reminded me of something else.

It's a similar chain to the ones on my ceiling fans.

I hate the pulls on my ceiling fans.

These pulls on the front porch fan aren't too bad...

...but these wooden things on the ceiling fan in the main living area
are ugly.

I can't stand these pulls (I can't stand the fan either
but I don't want to spend money on a new one yet either).
I'm saving my money for a special thing happening tomorrow
but that I can't tell you about yet.  It's a bit of a secret.
I will tell you about it on Monday.  You won't believe it!
but I digress..

So, I swapped out the fan pulls and put the old dog tags on them.

I love these old dog tags so much better.  
They look so cool.

We just have to remember to take them off if we ever get a new fan!


  1. Fantastic idea. I bet you smile every time you pull the chain to turn on the fan.

  2. This is such a neat idea. A great way to keep the memories in the present and it's a great conversation starter. Kudos, Ginger

  3. And they go so well with your home! I have the same lovely fan in our master bedroom. To think that for around a hundred buck we can have a nice hunter douglas updated one!

  4. What a GREAT idea! I am not sure if my Dad still have his, but I am going to check it out and use them if he does. Thanks for the idea. I got an awesome old red office chair this weekend that I think you are going to LOVE!

  5. Hi there, what a great idea using the dog tags and pulls on your ceiling fan. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you. I would love it if you would check out mine also and perhaps you would like to follow me also. I would really like that. Hugs, Chris


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