Monday, June 17, 2013

porch and garden makeover

These first two pictures of my front porch seem to be the post popular pictures on my blog.
They have been pinned and repinned hundreds of times.
I'm so surprised by that. 
It seems people like the bench and window table.

I do too.  However, the material covering the bench gets really dirty
and a pane in the window table cracked so it's now missing a pane.
We'll get that replaced but for now it's been moved safely to the garage.
That means I get to redecorate the porch! 

So, I needed to recover the bench.
I decided to go with a bright oil cloth that's easy to clean
and simple red and white everywhere else.
The little pop up red camping tables are filling in
while the window table takes some time off.

This fabric pattern is different for me but I like it.
It's a bit brighter in person and really perks up the place.

We also gave the front yard a lift.
We dug up most of the plants in the garden and started over.

The plants are already starting to fill in and soon
the garden will be full of red and white color.

I love my little front porch and garden.

Lantana in the bucket.  Lantana is the best plant for the
hot Texas summer heat coming up.
A little water occasionally and sun and they thrive.

We sit on the front porch when it's cool
and watch the birds at the feeders.

My husband's attempt at following a Pinterest idea.
See his little water feature?  It's like a miniature birdbath.

The new bright bench fabric goes well with the new door mat.
It's a nice welcome home.


  1. Looks good - and I'm one of the folks who loved your window table (clever girl!). Good to see you're posting again. You were missed.

  2. Lovely garden and porch! Love the bucket of flowers!

  3. Lovely porch and garden! I love your bucket with flowers too. It must be very relaxing sitting out on your porch!


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