Sunday, June 2, 2013

on the bright side...

 The main bathroom downstairs used to be my son's bathroom as well as the main bathroom guests used.  It was decorated with a darker, more masculine theme with items special to my son.

We had a HUGE black "G" on the wall.

We had painted the cabinets black and changed the toilet seat to black.
These were necessary changes if I had any hope of this bathroom at least 
looking clean for more than a few minutes.

The plaid patchwork shower curtain matched his bed quilt.

My son's artwork hung on the wall.

The vintage black medicine cabinet was on the opposite wall.

My son moved to a bedroom upstairs a couple of years ago and
he has a bathroom up there all to himself (which is scary).
So, one of the things on my 2013 "to do" list was to give this
bathroom a little fresh makeover. 
We managed to brighten it up for a whopping 60 bucks. 

Here we go!  It's so much brighter and seems so fresh.
The shower curtain is from Ikea for about $14.

We got this shelf from our neighbor's garage sale for I think $15.
We painted it grey.

The towels are from Ikea too.  
Nothing says fresh and clean like white towels.
We already had everything else.

The little pot with our family's number 3
was a gift from a neighbor.

We kept the vintage black cabinet.

The grey bath mat and super cool new cream trash can
are from Ikea.  I think we paid about $35 for them plus the towels
and it was all on sale!

We kept the G and the black cabinets.

One day and a few bucks
really brightened this space up.
I think I hung the shower curtain a little high though.
Imagine it a few inches lower and we'll call this room done.


  1. Love your new bathroom look! The shelf is cute and I love the baskets in them! It has inspired me to get going on OUR bathroom which I had kind of given up on because it is too small to do much with. I might try your shelf idea! Thanks!


  2. I'm inspired. Love the new look.

  3. I LOVE it! The way you incorporated the lighter items really makes it pop!everything looks so fresh and airy. I loved it before too...the black accents are a great idea.

  4. Looks much fresher. Have you ventured into your son's bathroom. That could definitely be scary :)

  5. Your makeover looks great and I am really admiring the grey painted shelf. That was a great deal.

  6. I hit publish too soon-oops! Good to see you blogging again.

  7. Yep. Much cuter. Love that shower curtain!

  8. Do you still have the plaid shower curtain that you took down available for me to buy from you?

    1. No, I'm sorry. That curtain was 10 years old and had seen much better days so we threw it away.


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