Sunday, June 9, 2013

solar lights

My husband ran an errand last Saturday morning and 
when he came home, he had these solar lights for the backyard.
We've never discussed solar lights or any other lights for that matter.
I had no idea he thought we needed these.
We have a pretty bright porch light about where I'm standing 
to take the picture that lights up the backyard.
So, I asked my husband, "Why do you think we need these?"
His reply?  "We don't.  The dogs do."

Of course they do.  
Yes, these lights are for the dogs.
Sometimes he has to let them out in the middle of the night.
He doesn't want to turn on the bright porch light
(for reasons that escape me) 
but he does want them to have a little bit of light
so they can see when they take care of business.

They do look kind of nice.

They only line this one fence.

I guess this will be the the main spot
where the pups take care of business...
which is by the back door...
not on the other side of the yard that we don't use much...
which means all of the dogs' business will be
right by the back door...
which means we'll have to watch our step off the back porch...
and we'll have an abundance of smell...
if he doesn't remove the dogs' business regularly...
because two of these dogs are big labs....
who poop logs...
a lot.

You may have noticed that I don't have a picture
of what they look like when they're on at night.
They give off a nice little glow.
Not actual light, just a little glow.
Not really any usable light to actually see anything by
but more of ambience...a glow
because every average backyard 
in which no entertaining takes place needs that.

So, if you read the last post before this one,
you'll know that we brightened up our main downstairs bath 
with a little makeover
and apparently we brightened up the dog's main bathroom
with a little makeover.
(yep, with a little sarcastic tone)


  1. Hahahaha! Thanks for the light (and funny) post today. I was just thinking too bad our backyard is so small (and we have a Lab too.) The #2 gets picked up frequently but Remington is a she and the #1 can get strong.

  2. Ha! Too funny. The little temporary house we are in has those solar lights. They don't offer much light at night...definitely not enough to see when I'm stepping in MY dog's logs on my way to take out the trash :)

  3. Where did he find those? I have been looking for some like that but no luck. Thank you.

  4. Every dog needs a brighter bathroom. Aren't men funny :)
    xo Laura


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