Wednesday, July 20, 2011

vintage, red and metal

A couple of weeks ago I hinted to you in this post that I had bought something vintage, red and metal.
I said it was bigger than a breadbox and asked if you had any guesses as to what it might be.
You all came up with some great guesses but nobody actually figured it out.

So what could it be?
How about an adorable vintage red metal bed?

I saw this in Ruby Grace's "red booth" at Lonestar Antique Mall.
Denis who owns the booth along with two other really cool booths 
let me have it for such a great deal that I couldn't say no.  
That cute bed was just begging me to give it a good home.

When I made over my sunroom into a project room,
I had this great bench in there for seating.

Then I decided to move that bench to the front porch
and when I did, I decided this was where it belonged.

Moving that bench to the porch created the cutest seating area but
left a huge void in the sunroom.

Enter cute vintage metal red bed.
It's going to be my new daybed/lounging sofa.

It has remnants of a sweet floral decal on the headboard

and awesome little wheels.

Those 3 little pots need some greenery, huh?

I added some bedding and pillows

and a comfy cotton throw

and presto, a daybed.

I am not a formal person.  I love the comfy slightly disheveled look.

What a great place for friends to hang out in the sunroom.
I guess it wouldn't be such a bad place to take a nap (if I took naps)
or even let a guest use if we need an extra bed.

Maybe I will go take a nap.  There's not much else we can do down here
in Texas right now.  We've had 3 straight weeks of 100+ temperatures, 
ridiculous humidity and not a drop of rain.  When you step outside,
you immediately start sweating...even before you feel really hot.
Hope others experiencing this heat wave are staying cool!


  1. Lovely, Gina! It looks cozy and inviting. I love the throw too. I like that Red booth.

  2. Every time I come to your blog, I find something new to want! I love that bed! It looks like a great place to hang out.

  3. I think it is adorable! And I love how welcoming it is!

  4. It is adorable! Love the red with the white linens. It looks like a comfy spot to hang out, nap or read. We are having a heat wave here in Ontario Canada (37 C/ 98 F with humidity making it feel like 47C / 116 F). Wicked hot and dry.

  5. I love that bed and am so glad it has a good home! Certain things you buy for resale you feel attached to and that bed was one. It looks GREAT!

  6. I was just sure it was a little red wagon....but this is wonderful!! I love the idea of the daybed, I can see taking LOTS of naps on!!~devon :)

  7. I love it! Glad you were able to get a great deal, you'll look forever and never see one again. Your bench is adorable on the front porch.

  8. Love is my favorite color, metal, another fav, and vintage, well, be still my heart....

  9. Sweeeeeet, Gina! What a darling daybed! I'm glad that you didn't paint it because it looks fabulous just the way it is. I'd be spending all day out there reading on it! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. great find! so cute :)
    I'm a follower of your site now - everything is so cute!

  11. greatjob--love the daybed and how you styled the whole room. I would love it if you would share this at my linky party.

  12. This is just adorable! The red bed looks wonderful in your room and I love the bench on the front porch with those great pillows! thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  13. Adorable! You managed to make the red look calm and cool too. Great idea!


  14. Love the bed - looks perfect! And I adore the window table on your porch - what a great idea! Guess what - I just got a space at Lonestar - can't wait to move in!

  15. The way you style your spaces is stunning. I love your guestroom AND your porch! Fabulous

  16. red plus vintage plus metal - this is MY kinda post. You have me swooning!

  17. How cute! I have to tell you my friend and I drooled over this little red cutie at Lone Star several times. Just didn't have a place for it at the time. Glad to see it find a happy home though.


  18. that bed looks so pretty, i love red!
    just popped over from primp!

  19. Your red bed is wonderful but I'm a sucker for the color. I would love to see the red booth at your antique mall! Your blog is very fun and I'm a new follower. Love the all white look. Have a good Sunday!

  20. This daybed look so gorgeous and comfy! Love it!

  21. Okay, you are finding some seriously great stuff lately. I need to shop with you! I love the red. LOVE IT!

  22. The color red is just so inviting. Especially the bed and its throw. Makes me want to lay down on that bed.


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