Friday, July 8, 2011

mirror mirror

I have a little collection of mirrors...all different styles, shapes and sizes...
but all vintage or antique.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

I love this little one that folds up like a compact.  
It's made out of some type of pretty metal but it's not silver 
(I'm guessing that because it doesn't tarnish).

This is one of my favorites.  It's a small little old tin mirror
with a cardboard back that stands up like a picture frame.

This old mirror is heavy.  I think it might have an iron base.

Some of you may remember this one from a previous post.
I'm not a fan of avocado green but I love the handle 
on this little mirror.  Let's call it vintage olive.  
Sounds better huh?

These next two bigger mirrors hang in the master bedroom.
The beveled one up top as a great metal bow on it.
The one below is wood and has these carved little flowers
that actually have a bit of color on them. 
There are remnants of red, blue and green colors on the flowers.

The mirror on this old medicine cabinet is so old
that you really can't see much in it anymore.
I still like it and love the metal rod that hangs
from the bottom of it to hold a hand towel.

Here's my latest mirror find.  Some of you
will remember I got this one as well as two of the ones on
my mantel for a steal at an auction house.
I love the layers of chippy paint.
These were from Scotland which is cool for me since that is where
my dad's family is from.  His paternal grandparents were born, raised and 
married in Scotland.  They then moved to Canada where my dad's father was born.

This third little mirror on my mantel hung in my dad's office forever.
I love the wire hanger on it.  He didn't think this mirror was anything special.
He just used it to make sure he looked presentable before meeting clients.

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  1. Love the set of 3 mirrors with the bowling pins. You display red and white so nicely!

  2. I love your mirrors, especially the little one that folds into a is gorgeous! I am off to use your fabulous jewelery cleaning advice, thank you!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tx

  3. You have some really unique mirrors! I really love the one with the metal bow on top.
    I also think it's cool that you leave your finds in their original condition. Sometimes a makeover can erase the character of a piece, and you don't do that. :)

  4. We definitely have the same love of old mirrors! I love what you have in your collection and I love how you have them displayed.

  5. What a fabulous collection, thank you for sharing. I especially love that old medicine cabinet x

  6. Old mirrors kind of freak me a little. Do you ever think someone will be looking back at you, that used that mirror a long time ago?

  7. They're all beautiful... but I think I like the collection on the mantel the best!



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