Sunday, December 12, 2010

The cutest burlap stockings that I didn't make

I can't sew.  Not a stitch...but I wanted some of those cute burlap stockings I'm seeing everywhere.
I know those of you who sew are saying, "oh you could do's easy...just give it a try!"
I am well aware of my limitations and me and sewing machines or needles (needles of any kind) 
just don't get along.

So, I checked out Etsy.  There were some wonderful burlap stockings available.  I found several I liked but they weren't exactly what I would have made if I could sew and some were a little pricey.
Then, I found it!  

I ordered 3 burlap stockings at very reasonable prices...and they were exactly what I wanted!
Two of them are red/cream ticking with red bandana trim and loop.  
The other one is a tiny red/cream check with red bandana trim and loop.
Burlap, ticking, bandana, red check...the perfect Texas cottage combo!
Here are the two with red/cream ticking.  

The stocking in the middle is my son's.  It belonged to his grandfather (my father) who passed away the year before he was born.  On my son's first Christmas, his grandmother (my mother) gave this stocking to him.  When my son was 4, he wrote his name on it in black Sharpie when I wasn't looking.  I'll be honest, at first, I was livid.  Now, it's a treasure.

The third stocking I ordered, with the red/cream check, is my new front door wreath.  Don't let my poor photography fool you.  This stocking is made perfectly.  However, to keep the stuff from falling out of the stocking, I had to insert one of those floral foam things which makes the foot look a little off...but it's not.  Did I mention that these are fully muslin lined? 
 I'm lovin' 'em!
Thanks Colleen!


  1. Oh Girl...I think next year I'm buyin' some. Three years in a row making six stockings and I'm plumb burned out. :) LOVE that ticking with the burlap too....uber cute!

  2. Too perfect, why sew? They were made with you in mind, great for your house.

  3. So cute and what fun. So glad you got some. Hugs, Marty

  4. These are perfect! So glad you found what you wanted.

  5. They're adorable! I'm a total sap so I LOVE Sean's stocking story.

    What's muslin? Is it like linen?

  6. Those are so pretty! Great find!

    The stocking story is touching. It's funny how the things that made us mad when they were younger are the thing we want to keep forever now.

  7. That last photo?

    Totally what my legs look like.

    Didn't even notice the odd shape.

  8. Ohhhh so cute! Love your mantle decor. too!
    Cathy aka GGJ


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