Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A month's worth of posts in one

It's been a month exactly since my last post. 
 I typically post on average about once a week 
so it's been a long time.
I can't begin to tell you how crazy it's been the last month.
Here's a quick recap sprinkled with some holiday pictures.
Let's begin with the first of the month where my last post ended after Thanksgiving.
First off, let me just say that I LOVE my job, my career.  
I really do...but the first couple of weeks
of December pushed that to the limits.  
I can't tell you about it really (confidentiality laws) but
a crazy thing happened that consumed the first couple of weeks and I had to put other tasks at work on hold until that crazy thing was over.
I had the bright idea to put this old red sap bucket on my front door instead of a wreath.  I loved it!
Unfortunately, every time my teenage son went in and out,
he would knock it around and a few times even knocked it off.
So, I had to take it down.
I replaced it with the pretty red wreath that lights up.
It comes with a timer so we could program it to come on
every evening at the same time and go off after a few hours.
So, anyway, back to work.  After the crazy thing was over,
I had to work like a madwoman to complete everything else that needed to be done before I left for my two week winter break on Dec. 16.  I managed to get most of it done
but had to bring a little bit home and finally finished it all up Saturday morning, Dec. 17.
There's our little Maisy peeking out the window.
This was her first Christmas and she couldn't figure out
what was going on.
That left me less than one week to decorate the house,
bake a gazillion things, 
shop, shop, shop,
wrap, wrap and wrap.
Then, I had to clean, clean, clean and even finish up
a couple of little projects before cooking a big dinner because
my husband's family came to our house Christmas eve.
I got it all done...with the help of my husband and son.
We had a wonderful Christmas eve with my husband's family.
We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house...
...and then spent the rest of Christmas day with my family.
It was really nice.
During all of this craziness this month, we decided we needed a new car.  So, here and there when time allowed 
(and sometimes when it didn't)
we visited dealerships and searched for a new car.
We don't have one yet but we think we've finally decided on the one we want. This week we'll start the negotiations and see if we can work a deal.
Oh, and if all this wasn't enough to keep us busy,
one of our chocolate labs, Bella, is sick.
We found a tumor in her throat.  
Now, we are dealing with biopsies and lab reports.
Other than the huge lump in her throat, 
she had no other symptoms.  
Although we know it doesn't look good, 
we're staying positive for now.
And finally, my son's birthday is the day after Christmas.
So, we had birthday preparations to think about as well.
We do something small, just the 3 of us, on his actual birthday. He can choose a party or 
however he would like to celebrate on a later date.
He turned 15 yesterday.
I just can't believe that.
Hopefully, I can begin again with my somewhat weekly posts after New Year's and catch up on some of the posts I've missed from your blogs.



  1. You have certainly been busy! First off, Happy Birthday to your son, and yes they grow so quickly (mine are turning 13 and 15.) Also sending comforting prayers for Bella.
    Your decor is lovely and I am crazy about the bell tree. I have never seen one like it before. Awesome collection of tap handles too. Merry Christmas and I hope you get a bit of a chance to relax before you head back. I totally get work crazy especially when it involves certain families. All the best in the New Year.

  2. Wow, busy, busy, busy! So here we go:
    1) Happy Belated to your son!
    2) Sending prayers for your doggy.
    3) Your red decorations are great!
    4) The red faucet handles displayed are awesome!
    5) Still love your 3G wall!

    Happy New Year, Gina!

  3. Good to hear the recap and that you had a lovely Christmas in the end. I love your bell tree on the front porch, well and the rest. Really your house is made for Christmas with all the red in it.

  4. Gosh, you make me tired. But I enjoyed all your decorating!

  5. Good to see you! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

  6. Everything looks beautiful! I especailly love your wall of numbers that looks Christmassy with very few added elements.

    Our daughter's birhtday is on Christmas day, so I know how hard it is to make it seem like a special day just for them.

    Happy New year! ( I figured this is your post for the week, so I'm squeezing that in now. :@ )

  7. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your doggie! Hugs.

    And I'm sorry work has been so crazy.

    I missed you. Really, I did.

  8. I'm so glad you weren't too busy to take pictures too. Awesome christmas decorating there!
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    I'll be praying for Bella. Hopefully it will all be ok.
    I've been crazy busy this last month with work too and it's just not fun! Like you, even though I love my job times like this make me wish it was different.
    Have a very happy new year!

  9. Goodness gracious - what a crazy December! I hope you get some downtime soon. Hope that all is okay with sweet Bella.

  10. I'm glad things have calmed down! It sounds like it was crazy. And I hope everything will go well with Bella.

    I LOVE your jingle bell tree! It's so cute!

  11. Glad you are back! Love the bell tree. Hope Bella gets better. Have a happy new year!

  12. I was just thinking I hadn't seen your post and went looking and there it was in my email!! Glad to see you are doing good...your house looks wonderful, love the heart wreath made out of springs. Did you make that, do share.
    Happy New Year...my daughter and son-in-law just bought a new car and thankfully did good.

  13. Such a crazy time for all. I loved looking at all your beautiful things. I will follow on my way out so I know my path back to revisit. I hope you can find the time to come visit me and do the same. For now I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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