Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My first 2012 project is ginormous

We have this huge blank wall in our main living area.
We've lived in our house for 10 years and that wall
has always been an unfinished project.
We've tried to decorate it but nothing looks right.
A few mid-sized pieces just don't work.

We added an old door but again, it just wasn't right.

I think it either needs a wall of framed prints or one huge statement piece.
What would be cool is a huge old chalkboard 
that looks like this smaller one in the entry.
Where would I find one of those?
How much would something that big cost?

I'm guessing not much...if you make it.
We bought a huge piece of plywood (I think it's 4'by8').
I sanded it down to make it smoother.  Plywood can be kind of rough
so it certainly wasn't a perfect surface but that works in my plan.
I used a black matte spray paint to give it a base coat.
Then I sprayed a coat of the chalkboard spray paint.
I switched to a can of chalkboard paint and used a brush 
to paint thick coats.
Then we added simple moulding.  I stained it with an uneven finish
so that it looks a bit worn with age.

There we have it!
It's one huge chalkboard.  
We attached it with screws, putting one in each corner which
adds to the industrial effect.
We hung the clock on it because I love that clock
and it covers a huge defect in the wood.
I added some of the lyrics from our family song.
Over time, we will find just right the things
to write on our chalkboard that will become 
permanent artwork.
In some of the pictures, you can see cracks and imperfections in the wood.
I love that. I think it makes it look older.
Isn't that cool?  Those cracks make it look like an old schoolhouse chalkboard.

Now, I know that little dresser underneath it is too small
sitting there all alone under that huge thing.
Either something longer will go there or
that dresser will get some company.

What do you think?
Do you like the "vintage" huge "schoolhouse" chalkboard?


  1. I associate you with school and school aged children, a large black board seems perfect. (Or an antique phonograph). Have fun with it.

  2. Oh I love it! Very smart idea with the plywood fo sho!

  3. I have the same dilemma! I have been shopping for a huge statement in a piece of furniture. Right now I have an entertainment center, a small desk and a table! would rather have one LARGE piece! Love the chalkboard!

  4. It's just what that wall needed. Now you've set the domino effect in motion. Add one new thing and everything else has to change! Eventually it all works out. Have fun with the chalkboard!

  5. Nice chalkboard. That certainly does fill that space now! I've been working with plywood lately and find that the sanded paint ready sheets are really worth the few extra dollars a sheet!
    a second dresser underneath would really balance that wall. Glad you kept the clock, it looks great on the chalkboard!

  6. I like the chalkboard a LOT! I do think it looks just like an old schoolhouse chalkboard. You did a great job and I think the clock is perfect for the center because otherwise it might be too much chalkboard. I agree a longer table would be perfect there... maybe your next project can be to refinish a long dresser to match it!

  7. I just love how you staged the last two photo's. Great chalkboard, huge!

  8. Great idea for that wall! I love chalkboards too! We painted the wall in our loft and you will be surprised at how much you draw on it! Some one draws on ours at least once a week!
    Great clock too~ I have found really cools ones are hard to find!
    Have a blessed week!

  9. It looks GREAT. 10 years was worth the wait. I love your home...and of course, the red!

  10. hmmm...i am just getting ready to paint about the same size chalkboard on my kitchen wall....but i was going to just paint right on the wall...i like this old looking wood idea though??? now i may be rethinking !(obviously...i love it !)

  11. LOVE!!! Perfect for you wall. And the thing I love most is that there's lots of room for writing quotes of goodness and meaning....a revolving decorating piece :) I need me another chalkboard. Thanks for the great tutorial on how you did it.

  12. I Love your (old school house) chalkboard. Just the right touch for that wall.

  13. I do love it. Looks like an old school room. I can remember rooms looking like that when I was in grade school. Blessings, Lynda

  14. I do love it! I like how you hung the clock over it, and I think the cracks and imperfections make it look so cool! The trim you put around it is just right~anything really decorative would have taken away from the "old" look it's got.
    Good work!

  15. I really like the chalkboard idea. I also have struggled with large wall spaces that nothing quite looks right. It can cause brain cells to explode if you think about it to long. I might borrow your idea for a wall in my rec room. Come on by my new blog for a visit.

  16. Love it! The imperfections are perfect! I searched your blog to learn about the clock, too. Love the Red Shed girls!

  17. I love big chalkboards. Yours came out nice! I agree, a bigger dresser or something with have to go next to the current one. It's never-ending, right?

  18. Perfect! I love the "antique" look of it. How about building a long farmhouse style table to place under it. If you need more storage, you could put large baskets underneath it. Just a thought.


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