Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone.

This year we had to improvise with our Christmas decorations.
Remember this cute little puppy, Scarlett, we got earlier this year?
and of course, our little Maisy we got the year before? 
Well, now they are partners in crime.  
 Scarlett is 10 months old. 
Those of you who have had labrador puppies know that
10 month old lab youngsters and Christmas trees just don't mix.
Instead of putting up our big tree, we put up a little one
on top of our antique pie rack.
At first I was a bit disappointed.  
I'm very traditional when it comes to the holidays.
Then, I saw the possibilities; decorating with things
I've never used before.
This old chip clip became our Christmas card holder
that hung on one side of the rack.
Here's our favorite Christmas card this year.
Our fun friends, the Yarbroughs, dressed up as Elvis.
(That's mom, dad and two beautiful girls).
 an old metal tool box holds ornaments
 a bunch of old outdoor faucet knobs tied with wire
became my red industrial garland
 There was plenty of room to add presents on all of the shelves
but still out of reach from pups.
 Red velvet ribbon, silver beads and mercury glass little ornaments
made the tree pretty cute.
 This rack turned out to be a great place to hold all of the
treats we made to share with family, friends and neighbors.
 We made several batches of peppermint syrup and
homemade cookie butter.
Maybe a small tree on the old pie rack isn't such a bad idea.
All of the shelves are really kind of handy.
Hope you enjoy special time with your family and friends
this holiday season.


  1. Love the decor! it is fantastic. and that lil doggy-- wow what a cutie. now I want to have an awesomely awesome picture of my fam-- not necessarily Elvis, but something good!

  2. Your lab pup is adorable! And I love that faucet garland! Pinned it to my Christmas board.


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