Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great blog!

I started this blogging thing in January so I'm still pretty new and still discovering blogs.  Sometimes I find a new one and get so excited and then realize they have thousands of followers so I must be the last one to know about them.   So, I found a new one or at least new to me and I may be her new biggest fan.  If you haven't checked out In Pursuit Of Martha Points, you must!  I have no idea who this girl is; I think her name is Julie.  I don't know if she has one regular viewer or a million because she doesn't show followers.  She has some pretty pictures and good ideas but the main reason to read her blog is so you can start your day off with a great laugh.  She is hysterically funny while writing about her projects and things around her house.  I find myself laughing outloud reading it.  This post is one of my favorites but I also like this post.  (Mandi, wait until you see this post. You two may have been separated at birth.)  So, I don't know Julie but I know she makes me laugh and I get giddy when I see in my blogroll that she's updated with a new post.  If you have a great sense of humor and enjoy a brilliant wit, visit her blog.  Selfishly, I want people to see it so she'll keep writing it so be sure and leave a comment so she's knows people are reading it.  If I check my blogroll and see that both she and Mandi at Tidbits from the Tremaynes have new posts, I have to put down my sweet iced tea before reading so I don't choke from laughing.  Thanks ladies for bringing more than just great pictures to blogworld or blogland or whatever it's called. 


  1. I went and checked her out - you're right I'll have to do my bit to keep her writing. She's funny! Thanks for letting us know about the blog.

  2. Hey thanks girl! You are so sweet! You know all your awesome stuff in your house is my eye candy. I'm going to check her out right now!

  3. Holy smokes!

    I came here to look for contact info for you, because I wanted to tell how much I appreciated the people visiting my blog from yours, and found....this!!

    I am a very very very new blogger, and am having so much fun, and I am still at that point where every single page view makes me hop in my chair (and that's just not pretty, it's a good thing I'm usually alone when that happens).

    And your wonderful words and kind readers who have read my blog make my day, my week and my month.

    I'm also laughing because I put the "Julie" thing in the Cast page as a tribute to "The Love Boat," and wondered if people might mistake that for my name...oops... I think I'll make an adjustment there.

    My name is Lori. And it is a grand, grand pleasure to meet you all.

  4. Hi Lori,
    Yeah, I completely fell for the Julie name. Glad people are visiting your blog. Sense of humor is one of my favorite qualities in people and I love a genius sense of humor. Not to put pressure on ya, but keep it up. I know how it is to see a new page view or a new comment. It's so much fun!

  5. I love finding new blogs. Although, my house tends to get neglected when I do b/c I'll find myself losing HOURS at a time just reading past posts.
    Like this one..
    I spent 3 hours of my day looking at the great pictures.

  6. Love new blog finds...will have to check it out!!
    I didn't have an email for you, but wanted to thank you for entering my recent giveaway at The Shabby Chic cottage! Even though you didn't win, I just started up my own blog and would love it if you visited, will be doing a giveaway soon and will be giving you another chance to win a gift code:) thanks!! xo

  7. I'm off to check out these new blogs, Lori. Your blog is very lovely!

    Hope your weekend is sunny and happy!!



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