Sunday, April 18, 2010

teen room makeover

Okay, stay with me here...because if you like my blog then these pictures I'm about to show you probably aren't your style.  Hopefully, though, this post will still be inspiring if you have children who have a sense of independence and defnite opinions about their likes and dislikes.  So, here goes...

When we first moved into our house, our son's bedroom was on the first floor to be near the master bedroom.  Our son was 5.  However he liked the upstairs bedroom which was a bit larger.  We told him when he became a teenager, he could move upstairs.  Those next 8 years went by in a flash and he recently turned 13.  Since he's a good kid and we stick by our promises, we allowed him to move upstairs.  This will be the fourth time we've redone his room.  The first 3 times, his room was decorated like I wanted.  I chose the color schemes, the decor, the furniture, everything.  It was always my style and fit with the style of the rest of the house.  I put my style and choices on him and told him how much he liked it.  He acted like he did and never complained.  Now, he wanted to decorate his new teen room the way he wanted.  Oh my, what would that look like?  I think back to my own teen room.  Although I didn't choose my furniture and bedding, my parents allowed me to decorate the walls however I wanted.  It's embarrassing to say how many teen idol and 70's posters I hung up and I know nothing I hung was my mother's style.  She always commented on the newest poster addition and acted like it was cool. (I know she hated it.)  So, now I'm the mom.  What will my son choose for his new room?  He's into alternative music, indie music, non-mainstream things and hates sports.  I am soooooo mainstream so to be honest, I'm scared. 

We gave him a budget and one rule: we had the right to say no to any decision he made.  So, here we go.  The reveal.  Take a big swig of something and hang on to your's how my son designed his new teen room!

Look at that!  It's not all black with skulls or craziness.  It's actually really nice and somewhat mature.  He chose chocolate brown as the main color with accents of steel blue and pops of red.  His walls and bedding are brown and most of the furniture and accents are steel blue/metal.
His bed frame/headboard and side tables are from Ikea and not expensive at all. He chose the lamps at Target.

Our neighbor put this chest of drawers on the curb and we grabbed.  It's been in our garage for awhile.  It was the wrong color and missing knobs.  It's hard to tell from the picture but it's painted  a bluish white.  The knobs are from Target.   Have you noticed my son's a bit thrifty?  Where did he get that from?

He did his own artwork for his room.  He used brown and red paint along with a metallic silver paint.  He likes modern art (sort of Jackson Pollock style).

Can you see the metal silver paint?  It's kind of cool and certainly matches the furniture.
Yep, there's his name.  He did it.  I don't like modern but I have to admit, I do like this.

He chose a silver nickel type ceiling fan...from Home Depot...on sale!

We painted a small wall next to his door with dry-erase paint.  He has people who visit his room "sign" his wall and leave messages.  He also keeps a list of his favorite bands, musical artists or songs.

Even his tissue box matches.  I didn't realize this until I started taking pictures.

The only black in the room.  Kind of surprising since he wore brown ones for two years.

So, why post this instead of my latest vintage chippy find?  It's important to me to be able to decorate my space in my style; what I like.  It makes me happy.  So, I should allow my son the same; to be able to decorate his space in his style, what he likes to make him happy even if it's different from mine.  Besides, his room is upstairs now and sort of separated from the rest of the house :)   Seriously, when your children are older, hold your breath and let them decorate their space in their style.  They might just surprise you. 

I think I may share at some of my favorite blog parties.  You can find them below on the right or above on my blog parties page.  Next post, I will be back to my style (no modern, no Pollock, no matching tissue boxes).


  1. Well, as a mom of a 14 and 16 year old set of boys, I was afraid I wasnt going to like it either - but I did! He did such a good job, and its much better than the black that my 14 year old would make me pick - or even worse, making me paint camo on the walls, LOL!

    *Tell him how much I love his art piece - so eye catching, goes perfectly with the room! He is so talented!

  2. He did a nice job! I really like his artwork.

  3. I am totally with you on letting older kids have the space they want.

    When we bought this house, three years ago, our kids were 11, 13 and 15. And although we didn't give them carte blanche (and they wouldn't have known what to do with it), we gave them options and avenues to consider.

    Our oldest ended up with an Asian themed Zen space, our youngest ended up with Dungeons and Dragons, and our girl chose purple. My only veto was to our daughter, "No, you may NOT paint each wall a different shade of purple, you'll induce seizures." But she did end up with a blackberry colored accent wall against the rest which are lilac. They loved them far more for being what they wanted than if I had issued directives.

    Plus, I think he did a great job. And his artwork is fantastic!

    Oh, and for the record, not a single one of those rooms looks quite like they did the day we moved into the house any longer. Ah well...


  4. Awesome...tell him he did a great job! I have the opposite problem. My son is turning 13 this Summer...and he doesn't want to change a thing about his room. I decorated it when he was 4. It's a great room, but needs to a fresh coat of paint. The theme is outdoorsy- so it's worked...canoe paddles, fishing rods, etc.

  5. I'm thinking your 13 year old did great! He must get a sense of style from his mommy. It might not be the exact style, but it's still a real style.

  6. I think it's great. Excellent artwork!!

  7. Wow! He did an awesome job. It looks great! It's so funny b/c my daughter is nine and I am always forcing my style on her in her room (I sometimes feel guilty about it, so it was nice to hear you did the same!). :-)

  8. Sounds like your son knows what he wants & is very reasonable! Ok, I do realize he is a teenager!!!
    His room looks great! I hope he enjoys it.

  9. The room looks great! I allowed my kids (almost) total freedom in their rooms too. You've inspired me to post about them, thank you!

  10. Oh my, I would really have to hold my breath and my tongue. Sometimes it is hard to let that control go but that is a real good thing to let them express themselves. (To a certain extent)Your son did really well, love the painting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love this post!!! I love letting the kids have a say -- it is what it is all about!

  12. I love this! Good for him and you! I love his painting too! He did an awesome job.

    Check out my giveaway!

  13. Hi Gina, great post! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I think it's wonderful that you let your son decorate. I'm very impressed with his painting. Have a nice weekend!

  14. wow!! He did a agreat job!! and his painting is beautiful!!

  15. He did wonderfully! A testament to your fine parenting, no doubt. :)

  16. He has an amazing artistic style! I can't believe that these decisions were those of a 13 year old! The room looks great and tell him to keep painting some art. One of my favorite ways paint artistically is to mix a little powdered sheetrock in the paint, or add wax to the canvas and layers of paint, or even roofing tar! Just an idea...although a bit messy. Maybe just start with the wax for a 13 year old! : )

  17. I think it looks great! He did a wonderful job!

  18. I love this....yeah, not my 'style' either, but it's amazing how your son put his room together! Brown and silver/metallic? Who'd a thunk!

    I'm considering the white board paint for my boy's closet doors, and after seeing your son's I think I will go ahead with it. My other son wants his to be chalkboard.

    Thanks for sharing at the linky :) Tell your son I'm impressed!

  19. Stopping by from Cottage Instincts linky. I like that you let your son choose what he wanted to do. My oldest son doesn't care about decor but it's still hard to decorate for a pre-teen. I had much more fun with my 5 year old's room. Love the modern/masculine look of yours.


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