Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interesting finds

Over the last few days, we've found some interesting things...some were unexpected.

First up, my pal Jennie and I headed out to The Red Shed Saturday Sale and I found a couple of cool things.
This little cream chippy number is kind of fun.

I can hang things from those little metal clips.

...or I can slip some pictures or notecards on top of the clips.

Then I found this old gym hanger.

Here's the locker number.

I was told that it was a gym hanger for a pool/swimmers.

I guess swimmers could get a hanger and hang up their wet suits, towels, goggles, whatever.  It's kind of cool whatever it was used for.  Wouldn't it look great hanging from a tree out by the backyard pool?  Too bad we don't have a backyard pool.

A couple of days later, after working on the drawers for the sunroom, I noticed some of the drawers didn't shut completely.  We took out each drawer to see what was going on and found some interesting stuff stuck in the back.

First up, a pale pink can of Caldesene.  I've never heard of that but apparently it had many uses.

Sorry for the blurry picture but this handy medicated powder was good for "bacteria and fungi"....

..."especially in the delicate skin folds."  Eeww.

Then we found this great little envelope complete with the little hole and really tiny wire.  "Instructions for POL MACH".  Any ideas what that is?

POLishing MACHine.

Here's a drawing of the polishing machine or as we always called it "the polisher."  I remember the polisher at my family's jewelry company.  When my dad retired, he brought one of them home and kept it in the garage for some small jewelry jobs he did for family and friends.  It was kind of handy to take my jewelry out to the garage and ask my dad to polish it for me.

We also found the jewelry findings price list effective July, 1953.

Apparently, "french antique bows" that were  12K Yellow Gold Filled were pretty cheap at $4.25 a dozen.

Lastly, we found the price list from July 1951 for palladium mountings.  They were pretty cheap too compared to now.

That's it.  Have you ever found something unexpected and interesting?


  1. You really did find some really fun and interesting things. I love your pool locker hanger. How cute is that. Can't wait to see what you do with it all. Hugs, Marty

  2. Cool finds! I love the gym hanger, that is just too cool. Those old price lists and machine directions are pretty neat too.

  3. I like the clip strip and the gym hanger.

  4. The pol moc makes me think of the old rock tumbler we had.

    I NEVER waited out that process that way I was supposed to.

    I'm not always patient enough that way.

    And I love that hanger.

  5. How fun! I like your clippy thing, and that hanger! Perfect!

    Don't you love finding old things? When my mom was in high school, she did a lot of sewing, and she made a sleeve board out of old rolled up magazines. I discovered them one day when I was in high school and was fascinated with the old 17 magazines from the 60's.

  6. OMGsh, I am loving this awesomely old stuff you found in the back! It's holding a piece of the past (even that fungal or whatever powder that is :).


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