Sunday, April 17, 2011

If you're in the neighborhood...

If you live in North Texas or happen to be visiting the area, you really should check out the 
It's got all your favorite Wisteria items, but at low, low, low prices...actually I think Jennie and I
may have said once or twice, "oh my gosh, that's cheap!"

We stopped by there this weekend and I could have spent a small fortune.
However, I used restraint and only bought a few things.
I may go back though :)

First up, I bought 3 of these pillows.  I don't know what they are stuffed with, 
but they are squishy cushy soft.  They are a neutral linen with this
red banded material on the front. 
They are about 14"x 22" or so. 
Guess how much?

C'mon, take a guess.

Pretty huh?  They set me back a whopping $14 bucks each.
That's it.  

Then there's this:

They had these big red burlap bags with rope.
The bottoms are a bit stiff and round so they will actually sit up on the floor
when you begin to fill them up.
These come in different sizes but I bought a couple of the large and
three of the extra large...and they are HUGE.  They could
easily hold a couple of comforters, pillows and blankets...or
a week's worth of laundry.

Red burlap!  That's like my dream fabric.  

These huge red burlap bags cost me...wait for it...
a buck each!  Yep, $1.00 each.  So, I used a five dollar bill
to get 5 of them.  Say it with me, "oh my gosh, that's cheap!"

I also picked up two of these linen dish towels...big linen kitchen towels
with navy blue stripes down each side.  These have to be about
18" x 30", maybe 36".  They are long.

They each have a little loop at the top so you can hang them on a cool hook.
These were more expensive.  They were $14.00 for two; so 7 bucks each.

I wish I would have picked up one of these with the cool zinc top.
I've had my eye on this awhile and it's $199. price tag is pretty reasonable.
They had a few at the outlet.  I could have taken one home for about $65.
because it was unassembled and they didn't have the screws for it.
I can get my own screws and put it together for that price.
I must have some screws loose for not getting it.
See why I might go back?
Wisteria is not compensating me in any way for this little post...
but I wouldn't stop them if they wanted to.

My giveaway ends tonight and I'll post the winner early in the week.
I think I may hold one of those red burlap bags for a future giveaway.
I have plenty more little milk bottles I could put with it and 
is coming up May 1st and I've never participated before so that might be fun!


  1. I WISH we had an outlet like that here! Those dishtowels are so cool! They'd look great on a lampshade.

    I say yes, go back and get the table!!

  2. Aha! I'm not the only one that gets burlap sacks for a buck! Love them in red.
    The pillows are great too... esp the price.
    I'm agreeing with Suzanne, go back and get that table! ;)

  3. I just went to the outlet last week and posted on my blog about it too! I bought the same red bags (3 of them) to use for "Santa Sacks" at Christmas. I wanted to grab 20 of them, but I thought if my kids saw ones other than what their gifts are in, they might get suspicious.
    I am going to go back too. I really behaved myself for my first time. I think I was just in shock of it's awesomeness. :)

  4. Oh ma gosh I am soo freaking jealous! I love the striped burlap! I love Wisteria! Can I talk you into getting me a striped one?? ;)

  5. Love that place. Used to be 10 minutes from my house, I haven't been since they moved downtown. You have inspired me to go this weekend though.

  6. Wow! Wish I lived in Texas.



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