Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly

I'm going to embarrass myself today. Hopefully, I'll redeem myself in a few weeks. I am starting on my sunroom makeover. It's going to be quite a project as far as labor is involved but the cost will be next to nothing because I'm doing it myself with stuff I already have. So, let's begin.  Just a warning...the photos in this post have not been re-touched, edited, airbrushed or enhanced.  I'll just let you see it as it is.

The Good
Let's start with the good.  The sunroom is going to become my project room.  It is a beautiful room with two walls of windows, a fireplace and french doors.  It's screaming with potential. 
 six huge windows
lovely french doors with antique glass knobs
pretty little fireplace and mantel
even has a little chandelier (although it needs some tweaking)

More Good
The new sunroom/project room will have some cool things it in like these:

The Bad
Before I can make it pretty, I've got to fix the bad.  The sunroom had nasty carpet in it.  It came that way.  So, first I will have to redo the floors.  I'm going to continue the painted concrete floors into the sunroom and I'll probably show my version of a tutorial on that later.  Right now, they look bad.

The Ugly
Since we've been working on the dining room, the entry and the den, we've had to move stuff around.  When we didn't know where to put something, we just put it in the sunroom.  We would say "let's just put it in the sunroom for now and we'll decide about it later."  After awhile, the sunroom just became a storage area and it was ugly.  I wish I could say I forgot to take pictures of it in it's before stage but I went ahead and took them.  So, here's the ugly before (and please tell me you all have an embarrassing spot in your home like this too.  Don't you have a spot where you just put your junk and close the door and hope nobody sees it?  Is every room as perfect as it appears on our blogs?  Now you know mine it isn't.  Please tell me yours isn't too so I can feel better.)

By embarrassing myself by showing this, I am now motivated to make it pretty.  So, that's what I'm working on the next few weeks.  I'll clean, paint, recover, stain, re-arrange, redo, create, re-purpose and whatever else to make this my new project room.  Guess what, I am not linking this post to any party, anywhere.  Nope, I don't want to share this with thousands of people.  I will post updates as I go along. Also, Jennie's been redoing her master bath and I have been nagging her to get me pictures.  She's done some great things in that bath so hopefully she'll get me some pictures to post!


  1. i am very anxious to see the *new* sunroom....i think sunrooms are my favorite room in a home

  2. the room has great bone structure so I'm sure a facelift will make it stuning. Can't wait to see the final room.

  3. Oh what a gorgeous little room! I would love to have a sunroom. And yes, I have my dirty little secrets too...take a look at the before of my office area before I cleaned it up.

    I have another area that I need to tackle too...but that's going to stay my little secret;)

  4. What a perfect spot! And I have you beat on ugly. My cra(P)ft room is a good example for Horders. Can't even walk in there. Looking forward to what you'll do with your space!

  5. Your sunroom is just fabulous with all the windows, the french doors and a fireplace. How cool is that. Yep, from time to time I have a room that looks just like that. Can't wait to see it in progress. Hugs, Marty

  6. It has so much potential, I can't wait to see the reveal. We live in a very small house with no garage or basement so yes, there are spots that look as bad here. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!

  7. Wow, there's a lot of potential in that sunroom! I can't wait to see the during and after pictures. My whole basement is an embarassment. Am I cleaning it? No, I'm blogging!

  8. I am sooo looking forward to see the big reveal!! It's a great room.

  9. You're SO funny! Even "the mess" looks like beautiful art work.... you've got to come over and see what Christmas gifts I've been working on. And I need to watch you do your floors since I need to do mine... Your sun room is going to look amazing... and hey we need to do lunch before school starts... did you say, "Fuzzy Taco House"????? ~ kim

  10. The bones of your room are so very lovely. I'm glad you shared your in real life befores, I know we have them too. Looking forward to your progress.

  11. Oh wow! It's going to be amazing! My garage looks like that! My sister is coming and I keep thinking "maybe she won't look in there!". But it also houses my laundry area, soooo. She'll be seeing it in all its glory:-0 Thanks for sharing!

  12. haha, the ugly! Don't we all have a stash like that somewhere. What a luxury the fireplace in there. Too cool, I mean warm and cozy.

  13. Your sunroom is going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I think we all have places in our house that stuff just collects until we can deal with it later! xx

  14. Right now I have a few "sunrooms" in my house...the beauty of camera angles is you can never see them on my blog! :) My problem? My sister is coming to town in a few weeks....and I know I need to get things together before then!!

  15. I can't wait to see what you do! I love what's going in there so far!


  16. I really can't wait to see your sunroom completed, I know it's going to be fabulous.
    Today I'm going to post the large jar that I had like was so quick and easy!
    Yes, my guest room is the "ugly" room in my house, the bed is filled with everything that needs to go to the basement!


  17. My WHOLE basement is like your sunroom! I seriously get red in the face and threaten if people say they are going down there. The next step is bodily harm. No joke.

    When you say your sunroom has potential. . . swoon. It is Sooooo SCREAMING with potential! I am in love already. The windows. .. the french doors, the fireplace. Wow. That is a room.

  18. It seems every one is in the ugly mood this week. Melissa over at Cranberry Cottage was talking about her messes and wanted to know too if anyone else was that way too.
    The answer is yes!!!! I would have a ton of stuff to move to even try to take a picture of my finished basement. Even though we use it, it has become the dumping ground.

  19. Hello,
    Thanks for stoppying by today and your lovely comment. I appreciate it so much! I've entered you for one chance to win in my giveaway. Good luck!!
    Your right...your sunroom has great potential. OK, so it's a mess right now. Everybody knows it's gotta get worse before it can get better. ;o) Love all the vintage goodies you showed us. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Oh...and I'm your newest follower. :)

  20. Gina,
    Thanks for sharing the real life photos. Whenever I'm in the midst of a big project there is a huge mess to hide somewhere. Right now the worse one is the garage since that has become the dumping ground for all my tools and "parts" for the kitchen project. I can't even walk in there to get something out, much less park Mike's car in there! And in the house the guest room continues to be the catch all area. Every time we pick up the house, something else gets tossed in the guest room. I really need to re-do that room next.
    I can't wait to see what you do in that gorgeous sun room. What a great space!

  21. Wow ! What a busy lady you are!
    I'm so glad I found your blog! I enjoyed my visit!

  22. Oh this is going to be fun to see when you're done. How's it coming? I just recently did a tutorial on making a chandelier chain cover. Made a big difference in my breakfast room. Can't wait to do it in silk for the bedroom and living room. The fireplace is nice and your iron bed will be sweet in there. Good luck!

  23. Well, you know how I am about Before and Afters. They're some of my favorite things in the world!

    So I can't wait.

    And now I'm hugely jealous. I don't have a sunroom.

    I think I shall go sulk now.

    Sulking goes best with a donut. ;)

  24. Hi
    I just love all the hand painted items..They are really beautiful..I have enjoyed admiring your blog..I am new to blogging and have had so much fun viewing all the blogging..I hope you will visit me and checkout my blog


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