Saturday, November 27, 2010


They say that if you have more than 3 of something, you have a collection.  
If that's true, then I have a lot of collections.  

I have more than three of several things such as the number 3, the letter G, signs,
painted china from my mother and grandmother, old jeweler's tools, scales and clocks.

I have only one collection that I actively pursued.  For several years, I collected
salt and pepper shakers.  Not just any S&P shakers but little ones...that were 
made of glass or metal and that were old.  Oh, and they had to be under $10 a pair or a set.
I've stopped collecting them now because one, I have too many and two, I can't find them
that cheap anymore.  That's okay though because I have more than my fair share.  

These little individual silver ones are some of my favorites.

I keep the ones I like best in this old medicine cabinet
that hangs in my kitchen.

Love these hinges!

Most of the extras are in this big jar that sits in the dining room.

When the sun hits, they really sparkle and look pretty cool.


  1. What a great collection. You certainly do have a lot of them. I bet they do look pretty with the sun shining through them. Do you use them as well?

  2. Very nice collection and I love the cabinet you keep them in. also the jar for the extra ones!

  3. Very pretty collection, I love how you have some of them in the jar! I used to have a whole bunch of little s&p's but I got rid of them... wish I hadn't now! LOL!


  4. Very unexpected and really cool displays! Oh how that cabinet is to die for. It's perfect with your collection in every way. :)


  5. What a cute way to display them in the jar! I shared my tea cup collection with Donna at Funky Junk. I finallly had to scream stop buying me teacups to the family. Collections can get out of hand.

  6. I love your collections and that medicine cabinet
    is fabulous! Chippy paint is the best!

    Flora Doora

  7. So, so cute!! Love them in the medicine cabinet!

  8. I adore the way you're displaying your collection!!

  9. I'm in line for that medicine cabinet! Those s/p shakers are just perfect for it! Sweet collection.

  10. What a great collection. Love that old medicine cabinet and it makes a great display for your shakers.

  11. I like the little metal ones, too. That cabinet is the perfect spot for showing them off.

  12. Love the small salt and pepper shakers. I have a set of six in the original box that belonged to my husband's aunt. She bought them when she was a teenager in the early 1930's - kind of a Hope Chest kind of thing. When she gave them to me they had never been used! So your blog, as usual, has brought a smile to my face.


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