Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things that make you go hmmm....

Suzanne at Meridian Road and I are both posting about an interesting turn of events.  A few months ago, Suzanne posted about her awesome old wooden lockers. As soon as I saw them, I wanted some of my own.  I scoured the internet (for days) looking for some.  I couldn't find any for sale.  There were none.  It was as if the only ones that ever existed were hers...dare I say of a kind.  Oh, how I love those.

Meridian Road
Meridian Road
So a couple of days ago, my pal, Jennie, emails me asking me if I've seen these?

Pottery Barn
So, this inspired some questions:  
Where do big companies get their inspiration from?  
Are they lurking around our blogs getting ideas for their next big money maker? 
 Is that a compliment or borrowing without permission?  
If we get inspired by them, we give them credit and show their original.
As with anything, nothing is ever as good as the original.
Thoughts anyone? 


  1. Aw heck who was it that insists big decorating companies follow decorating blogs? Was it Centsational Girl? The Nester? Dang. She said in a post quite a while back that she would watch _____'s (don't remember which blog she was referring to) great new ideas, and PB would follow soon after.

  2. Interesting thought. I bet they do have someone scouring blogland for trends and ideas. Love those lockers!

  3. I too love, love Suzanne's lockers. I love those little screened vents! I don't know where PB gets their inspirations but who knows, it could be from blogland. But you know what? PB version looks like it could be hacked. Not much too them. I know there are some talented ladies out there that could pull it off!

  4. We'll probably never know~unless a disgruntled employee decides to talk :)

  5. why do you think 'they' float around craft/art/antique shows taking pictures??? we all know they copy...ahem...are inspired !

  6. Kinda like which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    I'm sure they must notice what people are liking and try to jump on it. I know I see things in magazines all the time that I've seen first in blogland.
    Guess mimicry is a form of flattery, right? ;)
    I too have loved and coveted Susan's lockers since first laying eyes on them!

  7. Oops, just hit the post comment button and noticed I said Susan, not Suzanne. My bad!


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