Sunday, November 7, 2010

Somebody stop me...

Somebody stop me.  I'm going crazy with the aluminum spray paint.  I'm painting everything in sight with this stuff...okay, just a couple of things including my front porch ceiling fan but I keep looking for more things to paint.

At the neighborhood drug store, I found these.  3 for $1.00

They are plastic and sort of a whitish clear color.

They are small.  I started thinking....if I painted these with the aluminum paint and made little tags, could they look like miniature gym locker baskets?  Well, that could be interesting (and for a buck, what have I got to lose?)

So, I spray painted them Aluminum.

 Can you tell?  Do they look metal to you?

With a little paper, some wire, computer printed words and a little Mod Podge... 

 Here are my little miniature aluminum gym baskets.

These could come in handy.

They could hold my Christmas present wrapping supplies like tags, ribbon, embellishments.

They could hold extra forks, knives and spoons at a holiday party.

They could hold office supplies.

Oh my gosh, I'm already thinking of more things I could paint with this stuff;
ornaments, gift tags,  containers, pots/planters, signs, and so on.
I'm not sure if the pictures capture it, but it looks like galvanized aluminum.  

What would you paint aluminum?

I'm linking up to some of my favorite blog parties in my list above and down below.  However, if I start having a difficult time finding this paint because there's been a run on it and the stores are out, I may have to change my mind :)


  1. very, very cool- and yes, they do look like metal. i will have to look into this to see what i can paint!

  2. They look great. I have brushed nickel paint but not aluminum. I was hoping it would look galvanized. Is there a difference in the 2 paints? I'll have to try the aluminum.

  3. Ome of the annoying things about blogging is that it's really hard to get hold of good spray paint in England....and there's SO much I want to spray.

    It might be easier to count the things I *don't* want to spray - err....husband and children...and that's it!!


  4. Don't you just love spraypaint??? I think those baskets look so awsome! I'm thinking I may need to use that color on an old, tired, brass lamp that I have.

  5. They look totally metal! I love them! So adorable.

  6. Way too cute. What a great idea! I am painting today, but not bins, my front door is going from black to sunkissed red.

  7. Cool! I like it against the rustic wood shelves.

    I spray painted a wood chair in shiny metallic. It never comes out as shiny as the cap so it looks like a metal chair.

  8. What a great and creative idea! Those little baskets are awesome in all of their metal look!

  9. WAY adorable Gina... love love love! ~ kim

  10. Not a bad fake at all! Good idea. I like the tags, too.

  11. I love the look of the baskets. Hmm. I have this small baker's rack that would look lovely in aluminum. Might have to do that!

  12. I can't even stop myself from using spray paint, how am I gonna stop somebody else???
    Have yet to try the aluminum though - looks fantastic - on plastic!!!
    Love your baskets.


  13. OK, that is very ingeneous! Love it and am going to steal it for storage bins in my son's room.

  14. Love the aluminum paint!!! I have a fave green spray paint that I couldn't stop using!!! Who am I kidding...I still can't stop!

  15. You are so creative! Love these...need these for organizing my boys' crap in their rooms. Might give this a try!

  16. I love it! I haven't used the aluminium spray paint, but you've certainly inspired me. The baskets are adorable and they totally look metal! Great job!

  17. I never, ever, ever would have guessed they were plastic. Well done!


  18. How cool is that. I love the tags too. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday link party until Saturday and would love for you to join the party. There's a great giveaway too.

  19. Genius! I've got my eyes peeled now for baskets like these. This is awesome!

  20. Cool! It looks like the real deal metal from a short distance! Well done on this! Love the metal with the wood. Wonderful!


  21. This is pretty much a perfect idea! I love it. I am obsessed with vintage locker baskets. Way to go!

    found you via funky junk interiors

  22. These are so cute!
    Great idea, thanks for sharing :)

  23. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday. I'm featuring this tomorrow. You can grab a featured button from my sidebar.

  24. Love it. I'll have to try painting more things aluminum too.


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