Saturday, October 30, 2010


Funky Junk's themed link party this week features "signs".  I like signs around my house and thought I link up a couple.  As I walked around the house to get pictures, I realized I had more than a couple.  Most of my signs have some sort of meaning for our family while others are here just because I liked them.  Here are a few:

Lots of "3"s around the house.

A little welcome sign on the front porch.

A few signs that I made...

The sign off the downtown Dallas door of my Dad's jewelry company.

Old top of a barrel hung as a sign.

I got this sign from a shop.

This little metal sign highlights my mother's family name.

So there you have some of my signs.  You know what?  I think I want some more!  Can one have too many signs around the house?  


  1. LOL!! No you can't have too many signs! No way. Let's letter up our dishes too! Ya know?? Fun!

    I'm totally in love with that dallas door number. Yum!!


  2. LOVe all your signs...I just love words and numbers used in decorating!Lezlee

  3. You ARE my sign girl! You know I love signs. I love her newest table! Wish I could copy it.

  4. Cool signs Gina, love that you actually made some of them!
    I'm planning to do a few myself soon, so am quite interested on what everyone else has made.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I have way too many fleur de lis around the house. Drive my daughter crazy. Makes me happy, (both)

  6. No. One cannot. I like your signs, and I realize that I need more signs.

    I especially like your metal signs.

  7. Nope not possible. One can not have too many signs. So go on and sign some more...

  8. I love all your signs. I can see the no. 3 cushion fitting right in. Thanks so much for visiting and joining the giveaway. I look forward to having a good read over your lovely blog.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love signs. In fact, I love everything with typography. You can never have enough signs!

  10. Love your signs. Especially the one for your dad's jewelry shop...very special! Laurel


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