Monday, October 4, 2010

Fact or Fiction: The Truth

A few days ago, I did a fun post called Fact or Fiction where I was supposed to tell 5 fibs about myself and one truth.  This fun little award was passed to me and now I get to pass it on to fellow bloggers after I reveal which fact was true.  If you didn't get a chance to guess, click on the link above, take a guess and come back here for the answer.

Before I tell you which one is true, I have to admit that this was really fun; way more fun than I thought it would be.  In real life, I am not a good liar so to get a chance to make up some really big fibs and tell them to you as truth was surprisingly so much fun.

So, let's take the 6 facts, one by one, and reveal which one is true.  Let's start with number 6 which is so obviously a good choice.

6. My family owns a ranch west of Dallas-Ft. Worth.  As a child and young teen, I loved to visit the ranch, ride the horses and play in the barn.  I lived in jeans and my comfy old cowboy boots. We had a few head of cattle but I didn't go near them.  I don't know why but I was always a little scared of the cows. This one is NOT true.   We don't have a ranch or cows.  I don't even have cowboy boots. I grew up in Irving, Texas which is a suburban community of Dallas.  You may have heard of Irving since up until a year ago, it was home to this:
Go Cowboys

5. As you know, I like cottage and farmhouse styles and have shown you a few rooms downstairs in our house.  I have not shown you the upstairs main room on purpose since it is a complete contradiction. The main room upstairs is very modern.  My husband and my son had complete control in the look of that room.  There's a lot of black, green, glass and modern furniture.  I don't spend much time up there so I don't mind itThis one is also NOT true.  The upstairs consists of a worn out small sofa and chair and a big flat screen so my guys can relax and watch tv.  There is no decor or style at all up there unless "man cave" is a style.

2. On this blog, I previously shared that I was adopted.  What I didn't share was that we have an idea of my  birthdate but no one is really sure.  So, I have been able to lie about my age for years.  Most people think I am 5 years younger than we think I really am. NOT true.  I know exactly how old I am and I have a birth certificate to prove it.  Since we're in blogland and none of you know me in real life, I guess I can still fudge on my age.  

Okay, that's 3 down and 3 to go.  Either I had a nose job, was an actor in a big film or my son was into some really inappropriate stuff at a really young age. 

1. I did some acting when I was younger and had a small role in major film. NOT exactly true.  When I was a freshman in high school, some friends and I heard they were filming a big movie at a nearby stadium and they needed extras to be in crowd scenes. We went and sat in the stands for a couple of hours, cheering when they signaled to us and saying "awww" when they signaled to us.  Not exactly what I call acting.  The film? 
North Dallas Forty

Okay, so did I have a nose job or was my toddler son an early Hugh Hefner?

4. We were at the plastic surgeon's office for a consultation on the nose job I had. NOT true.  I have never had any plastic surgery although I could really use a tummy tuck.

3. While at a plastic surgeon's office, my 20 month old son got on the computer and printed a photo of a patient's "after" look following her chest augmentation. This one is embarrassingly true.  My son was about 18-20 months old when he ran into a brick hearth head first and cut open his forehead near his eyebrow.  He had to have plastic surgery to stitch up what ended up being a gash down to the skull even involving the muscle that raises part of the eyebrow.  About a month later, my husband took him back to the surgeon's office for a follow-up.  They waited in the waiting with a couple of other people including a woman.  My husband and son were taken to the exam room to wait a bit longer and there was a computer, printer and large screen.  My son who by this time knew his way around a computer and who could already read quite a bit (someday I'll have to tell you what it's really like having a gifted child.  It's an adventure you could never imagine and a challenge like I never expected.)  went over to the computer/printer and before my husband could stop him, he hit "print".  Out came a clear as day photo of the woman out in the waiting room in a "before or after" picture.  Since I wasn't there, I don't know if she got bigger ones or had them made smaller.  Now, at this point, my husband is panicked.  Is anyone going to believe this baby printed those out?  No way.  So, my husband carefully slid the photo upside down back into the printer paper like nothin' ever happened.  He was sweating a bit during the exam and got out of there as quickly as he could.  By the way, my son is absolutely fine with only the slightest tiny scar that's barely visible.  

So, thanks for playing!  Did you guess it?  Now to pass it on.  I'm going to pass this on to three fellow bloggers for one reason:  I can't wait to see what they write.  Two should be hysterically funny and one should be surprising.  

So, I pass this on to
Grace at Sense and Simplicity  (I can't see Grace making up a bunch of lies so I'm excited to see what she come up with)
Mandi at Tidbits from the Tremayne's (this will be something to see for sure)
Lori at In Pursuit of Martha Points (I'm laughing already just imagining what she comes up with)


  1. Yay I got it! Woot! Ooh thanks for passing this award on to me. I'm going to have to think on this one! Tee hee!

    p.s. I have told you the story before about my son, who was the same age as your son, by the by, whom I had in the plastic surgeon's office for an injury to his face. . . anywho, as we waited an extra hour in a room, my son wandered around, opened a drawer of breast implants and took a bite into one before I could stop him.

    Those things aren't strong. He broke it open.

    Probably already shared that.

  2. Wow! Those were some pretty good fibs! That's a funny story~I can imagine your husband was really nervous!

  3. Ok, I was seriously hoping that you were in a major motion picture somewhere, cause I just want to know some actual famous people.

    But the real one IS pretty damned funny.

    I ran mine this morning. We'll see what people guess to be true about me. (In hindsight, this could be kinda scary...)

  4. Hilarious!! Fact is always stranger than fiction. Great job.

  5. I loved reading this! I guess I never heard the story with at the dr's office! OH MY that's too funny..... ~ kim

  6. Oh I guessed right!! That is hysterical!! So glad you did this.


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