Wednesday, February 9, 2011

faded old blue jeans...rug?

There's really nothing better than a great pair of comfy worn out jeans.  Jeans reflect my laid-back, vintage, rustic style.  So, I've been looking for a rug for my main living area.  Since we have concrete floors, I wanted a large rug, at least 8'x10'.  Do you know how much nice rugs that large cost?  It's crazy.

I thought about trying to make a rug myself but I needed something warm and durable.  What's more durable than denim? blue jeans?  I wonder if I could find a rug made out of blue jeans?  Yes I can.  Can I find a large one?  Yes I can.  Will it be too expensive?  Yes it will.  Darn.  I looked everywhere and I just wasn't willing to pay $400, $500, $1000 for a rug.

I can't remember how I happened upon it but I finally found a large denim rug, just my style, made out of real old blue jeans...and in my price range...and in the most unusual place...a children's store.

Land of Nod

Oh my goodness, it's so awesome.  We don't have to be careful with it.  
It doesn't really show dirt.  It's great!
I think I want another one, maybe three!


  1. i was contemplating this rg today for my son's room- is it soft, too? he plays on his floor and i just want it to be comfy, but i loved that it was recycled and that it was in my budget! :)

  2. I love denim, I never knew that there was such a rug - it looks great! Lori

  3. I am so so in love with denim. That rug is gorgeous. We are looking for a rug for our living room. I am going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I LOVE the denim rug!! I am so pleased that you found one that you loved and in your price range!!! Awesome, and it looks fabulous :) ~ Txx

  5. Nice snag, Gina! I woulda thought the Land of Nod would be pricey too! That is awesome!

  6. I have a friend who makes rugs out of denim, they look just like this one, only smaller. She makes the type you put in front of your door, or as a runner for your hall. If you are interested, I could pass on her info to you. She sells them for a very reasonable price. Sounds like you got a great deal!! Looks great too!

  7. That's ingenious. I would definitely love that rug as well. I get it is easy on the feet too.

  8. I WANT ONE! Or three. It's a great looking rug!

  9. Wow! It's beautiful! I was hoping you were going to show us a REALLY easy tutorial on how to make one so I could copy it . . . but lucky you -- you didn't have to make it and you found it in your price range!! Jealous. :-)

  10. I read your blog through Google Reader, so I don't often see blog headers. I LOVE your header! Great look!


  11. Oooh, it's gOOOOORgeous! What a fantastic find.
    And so cool that it doesn't show the dirt. That's what I need with my four little ones who seem to bring in a ridiculous amount of dirt!!

    I thought of you today with my most recent post, it's such a gorgeous soft industrial house (*love*). I love your blog and I think this is right up your street. Here's the link if you're interested.


  12. Looks like a perfect find! Nothing is better than denim!
    I really enjoyed your post for the FJI challenge. You have a lot of really cool vintage pieces and I love how you've used them.
    Your Dad's jewelry drill bits are awesome!! I loved them when I saw them in your header picture but I didn't know what they were. Very, very cool.
    Glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you.

  13. That is an awesome find! Love the shades of blue! Now, what store was it? :)

  14. Oh my HEAVENS this is one GORGEOUS rug....THAT style of rug would look PERFECT 'down here' at my place....!!!!! I would need one with either red or green running through it....Now I'll be running in & out of EVERY kids store I see until I find one myself....hahahahahaha....

    THANKS as always for popping by....I AGREE of course....My little bin would look PERFECT at your place....If I find another I'll holler....!

    Have a GREAT week Lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  15. It's beautiful! I just saw a tutorial linked on Apartment Therapy that shows how to make your own denim rug. It looks pretty time-consuming though (and it's a small one!) I love yours!

  16. I came across your blog from Funky Junk Interiors and just had to leave a comment. My mother has denim rugs in her house. She bought them about 15 years ago at a craft show because they were so inenxpensive. They are still in use today and everyone comments on them as they still look so good. I'm going to have to tell her about this one from Land of Nod she needs one for her bedroom. Love your stlye!


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