Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funky Junkified

I love a good contest and have entered many in blogland.  I have even been lucky enough to win a couple over the last year.  I have never wanted to win a contest as badly as I would like to win this one!

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having a "Copy Me" challenge.  
What is that?  
She says "it is your time to shine with your own version of my salvaged junk decor style!"  
What do you have to do to enter? 
"Simply link up a post that you feel emulates my decor style, and you're in!"  
What do you win? 
"The winner gets to customize their own Funky Junk styled prize."  
OMGoodness!  I want it.
So, I thought about linking up an older post (she said you can do that) or creating a new little project to link up but 1) our weather has not allowed for much of anything and 2) why create new when I have so much around here that represents her style?  
You really can't sum up her style in one little project anyway. It's not that simple and it's really not something you can copy.  Sure, you can try to copy a project she did but that just doesn't capture the whole essence of her style.  I don't like to copy anyone since I have my own style but she has definitely inspired me and validated the sometimes "off beat" things I do.  
So, here's my entry. Fingers crossed.  

RUST: FJI loves old rusty things.  
old rusty tiller in my garden as garden art
heart made out of rusty bedsprings

huge barn star in my dining room
SIGNS: FJI is a sign maker extraordinaire.  Handmade signs, found signs, old signs are all good.

I wanted a huge old looking personalized sign, so I made one too.

had an old scrap of salvaged wood and made this one
sign from my dad's jewelers company

Use of interesting pieces (particularly industrial/architectural salvage in interesting ways: FJI is amazing at finding and using salvage pieces in very interesting ways.  
industrial funnel light in my dining room
salvaged tin ceiling panels as a kickplate under the kitchen bar
old ice cream maker bucket as my umbrella holder in the entry

vintage yardstick chair rail

salvaged window as my dry erase memo board
old tool carrier holds paint supplies in my project room

metal mold for concrete garden edging hangs as decor on the wall
number 3 from an old sign

Layering and Ladders: To capture FJI's style, you need to layer and of course use a ladder or two.

let's point out crates, metal tool boxes, old fan, old scales...

Personal touches: FJI incorporates personal touches that mean something to her while still capturing her style.
my dad's jeweler's drill bits sit on a mantle
my dad's old jeweler's loop (my house is filled with personal touches)

Inspiration: How can you copy inspiration? Many of her posts inspire others.
A recent post inspired us to do things we've always wanted to do but perhaps fear and risk kept us from achieving the goal.  
My pal, Jennie and I just opened our first antique booth in an awesome local antique mall.
It was a huge leap for us.

So, here's my entry into the "Copy Me" challenge. 
If I don't win?  No worries.  Sure I'll be devastated and probably crawl into a hole :)
It's okay.  I love my house and love my junk...and it was fun to participate.


  1. Great stuff. I really love sentimental personal touches like your dad's jeweler bits and glasses. The bit cases have a great worn look to them. Do you have jewelry he made for you? Congrats on your shop.

  2. Yep you are a definite Funky Junk twin. The style is totally you - love your signs.

  3. I love all your treasures! You have such a great talent and displaying everything. I've learned alot from this post. Thanks.

    I drooling over your ladder - I just love it.

  4. I love your style. All of your treasures are so wonderful. Love it all!

  5. Ooh I hope you win! Did I misunderstand? If you win, you get to have something made just for you? Hmm I better go read that again.

  6. LOL! You're so awesome.

    And I was nodding all the way through your post until my eyes landed on that rustic shelving unit with all that incredible junk on it. Oh my.. caught my breath!

    Yes Gina, you totally have some wonderful funky junk in your home. LOVE your stuff!


  7. Great pics. Love it all!!

    barbara jean

  8. I have JUNK ENVY! I have to go cruise your stuff...glad you entered the contest so I could snoop at your "house"!

  9. You have great junk! I loved seeing so much of it all in one post. It's Funky Junk, but Gina style. Very cool!

  10. I loved Donna's party - I enjoyed seeing all of the fantastic entries and was so inspired!!! I like all of the stuff you put together here in one post. YOu have such an eye for repurposing old things! You're a winner in my book :-)

  11. Looove your ladder in the dining room and the shelf with all the "junk". Your light fixture in there is amazing. I also love the spring heart. I would so shop at your booth if I lived closer!

    Please come visit my blog I am having a big giveaway.

    :) Michelle

  12. Gina I LOVED this post....It felt like I'd popped over for coffee & you were giving me a tour....Of course I ADORE EVERYTHING but the standouts are the pieces you have from your Dear Dad....THOSE pieces ROCK big time....Oh & the little cabinet has my NAME on it....hmmmmmm....I see a SWAP looming in the future....hahahahaha....!

    I HOPE your shop is doing well....You KNOW if I were close by I'd be buying from you REGULARLY....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

    Tamarah :o)

  13. congrats on opening your booth! you have a beautiful blog full of inspiration! have a wonderful friday!

  14. I see that you are in the Lonestar Antique Mall. That's a cool place to be. I don't get to visit there that often but when I do I love Felicia of Bountiful's booth and Denis of Ruby Grace's booth. Hope you do well there. Thanks too for stopping by. Have a great week, Theresa


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