Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Pet Cottage

Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special's themed link party this week is all about your pets in your decor.  
It's a special themed link party in honor of her cat, Beethoven, who sadly passed away last week.  
Since our pets are part of our family, I really wanted to participate in her party this week.

One of my favorite parts of my house is the front porch.  
It's one of the main reasons we bought our house.
The newest addition to our family, Maisy, likes hanging out on the front porch too.
Here she is giving me the stink eye.  I don't think she likes the camera very much yet.

Since she's still a puppy, almost 4 months old, she likes chewing on everything.
We have to really watch her so that she doesn't chew on something that will make her sick.

She's just now tipping the scales at 3 pounds and can almost hide in the ivy 
from this big pot on the porch.

Here are Ballou, one of our chocolate labs, and Maisy posing on the landing of the stairs.
No, I didn't alter this photo to make it look like Maisy was in the witness protection program.
She is in constant motion and moves her head that fast and the camera just can't catch it.

Maisy finally got big enough that she could go up the stairs...
but she can't go down.  Sad little pitiful thing stuck up there.

Here are three girls sleeping together on part of our new denim rag rug.
Bella and Ballou are huge chocolate labs and Maisy thinks she is one of them.
She just doesn't realize their heads are bigger than her whole body.

Here's Bella laying on a vintage quilt in one of our red leather chairs.
No, she's not supposed to be there and she knows it. 

She stays there anyway and tries to sleep.
After the picture was taken, she got the message and got down out of the chair.

Then, Ballou jumped up in the same chair.

Yep, she knows she's not supposed to be there either.

This is why I like comfortable, vintage, not so perfect stuff.
Our pets live in this house too and I don't have to worry much about them
messing anything up.  I just wish they would stay out of that chair.

Sorry, Ballou but this is where you're supposed to sleep.  
I know it's not as awesome as the chair but you'll get used to it :)


  1. awwww your new baby is PRECIOUS!!! :-) Your other babies are beautiful as well! My parents have two labs, and I grew up with labs...they're the best!

  2. Love your babies...they look so sweet! The pic of them all laying together was the best!!

  3. Oh so cute. What kind of puppy is she? Your labs are beautiful. I think animals are part of the family too. Still chewing at 4 mos. Oh gosh. I wonder when it will end. Mine is almost 2 months old and the world is her chew toy or so she thinks.

  4. Such sweet furr babies!!! Isn't something how they grab hold of our hearts! Thanks so much for visiting, hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. I love that shot of Maisy and Ballou. Ballou expression is so funny. What is this little thing? I'm sure they are really sweet with tiny Maisy. Labs just seem to know how rough they can be. I miss our lab Maggie.

  6. Ooh you're puppy! So sweet! 3 pounds?

    You really like the number 3. ;)

  7. Oh my... could a new pup get any cuter?!? I think not! Precious! Your big fella really knows how to fill up a chair! LOL


  8. Your pets are all lovely, but Maisy is just SO cute! x

  9. Your new little puppy is so adorable!! Love the photo of your lab in the chair. My sister-in-law has always had labs and they are such good dogs.

  10. Wow. I dog sit a pup named Maisy. This is only the second time I've heard that name for fur baby. Your Maisy reminds me of an Ewok!

  11. how cute are they!!!!!! I love the lab lounging in the chair ~ a familiar sight around here. As I type this, My poor husband is sharing a bed with a black lab, a golden and a boston terrier ~ there are dogs streched out all over the place. lol

  12. I love your animals... sweet Maisy... she is SO cute... ~ kim


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