Thursday, June 9, 2011

remember this? an embarrassing confession

Do you remember when I posted about my updated front porch?
I did something crazy on a whim but it sort of worked out for me.
I have no idea what possessed me to do this.
I'm a little embarrassed to share it but since it worked, oh well.

Once I purchased my new pillows and set up everything on the porch, 
I really wanted some red flowers for the watering can.
I have some real geraniums but with temps already near 100 degrees around here,
I didn't want to plant something that would need water everyday.

So, yeah, I used fake flowers...but that's not really such a crazy thing to do.

These are the fake flowers I had on hand.  They are almost neon green.

Almost neon green didn't go with my patriotic red, white and blue porch.

Oh yes I did.  
Don't pay any attention to the fact that it's for plastic.
It was just the red I had laying around.

Yes, folks, I spraypainted my fake flowers.

Honestly, I think they look better than I thought.
What do you think?

After I got my hair-brained idea, I did an internet search and
found I'm not the first to do this.  Now they tell me.
There were actually a couple of tutorials and tips on spraypainting faux flowers.  
Some professional floral arranging people
did some amazing spraypainting of fake flowers that were really pretty.
Who knew? 
Who would want to know?
I guess I did.
So I'm sharing with you.


  1. ....hahahahaha....That's a HOOT....I think we're goin' like for like here with the chuckles....!

    I think your faux FAUX red flowers look PERFECT....I WISH I could come by & sit on your porch & enjoy them....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah xx

  2. Oh wow! I like 'em! When I saw the first picture, that was what my eyes were drawn to first. I like the shade of red it took.

    I love that you're so willing to try things. Good for you!

  3. Im tickled by your confession but it looks great!

  4. LOL I love the table so much I didn't even focus on the flowers and I like the watering can so much the flowers could be from Mars...
    I love your site and your painted fakey flowers too!

  5. LOL! I would've never guessed. They look beautiful. I guess you can paint anything!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  6. Yes, they make a very dry spray paint just for silk and dried flowers. It's good to know the fusion works, though!

    I think this is really funny, Gina! They look like red geraniums! No one would have ever guessed. :)

  7. TeeHee . . .that was funny. I too have thought I was an original, only to find I'm not the first to try something! Glad it worked out for you! You invented a new flower . . .RED HYDRANGEA

  8. Cute story! I hopped right on the internet looking for that adorable flag banner/bunting/garland you all put up but couldn't find it on World Market's website. We don't have one here in Springfield, MO, but if I make it to KC or St. Louis anytime soon, I'd love to snatch one of those up. Love it! Love your porch! Have a great weekend...

  9. I still love it, what a great idea to spray paint!

  10. Love it! I spray painted some neon green hydrangeas a couple months ago, too! I got them from the Dollar Tree and needed them to be, well...NOT so neon!

    Check it out! Love your blog!


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