Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple Things-Revisited

My pal, Jennie, and I used to love going to one our favorite shops, Simple Things, in the University shopping center in Ft. Worth.  One day, we drove up to the shop and it was gone...closed...everything moved out.  Turns out their lease wasn't renewed to make way for a new Anthropologie store.
 This shop was amazing for both the furniture and items they carried as well as the decorating ideas they showcased.  A little while ago we learned that they had a warehouse and would be open again soon.  Yesterday, we had the chance to revisit Simple Things.  
It wasn't the same shop, but it was fun!!!!!

Click to go to their blog where you can keep up with the changes going on 
and see some of their cool stuff.  You can shop the warehouse now and 
order furniture.  They will be opening a new store soon.

They have a small storefront where they do their primary thing which is custom furniture (and they have some awesome stuff!  Jennie purchased her slipcovered sofa from them).  Behind the storefront is a huge warehouse with piles and piles and rows and rows of the coolest stuff ever!!!  I felt like a picker except there was no bad stuff to sort through to get to the good stuff.  It was all good.  The great folks at Simple Things told us to have fun and dig through whatever we wanted.  Let me just tell you that if I had a ton of money and the temperatures had been a bit cooler, I would have spent that ton of money.  They had industrial stuff, cottage stuff, french stuff, farmhouse stuff, vintage stuff, painted stuff and every other kind of stuff we like.  I can't wait to go back.  We only purchased a couple of things because frankly we hadn't planned on buying anything and the back of my car wasn't empty so we just couldn't fit much back there.

Here's what I did get:

This is an old industrial yarn spool from a Waverly (as in the fabrics) plant 
on the east coast that closed.  
It's almost 2 feet tall!

Some of the top layer of yarn is a little dirty so we'll use that for 
bundling up newspapers or something. 
I think this would look great as a lamp!  
I wonder if I should use all the yarn first or not. 
Maybe I could use the yarn while it is a lamp.
If I use all the yarn, I could easily replace it.
I wonder what it looks like with out yarn
Just thinking outloud here folks... 

Oh, and they have at least one more that I saw still there.

We also bought a few vintage ticking pillows.

They are sewn up all around with down feathers inside. 

There were a lot of these so I may go back to get more!

If you're in the area or come to visit, I hope you'll stop by this place.
You won't leave empty-handed!


  1. The owner has bought from me in Warrenton and initially told me about their store, then I heard from friends that it was awesome. And like you said, I too heard they closed but were reopening. I would love to come and shop there as they found such cool things. Will you post pics of the shop? I sure hope you do. Happy weekend, T

  2. My first thought when I saw the spool was to make a little side table out of it. It's really cool! I'm sure you'll do something awesome with it.


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