Saturday, June 4, 2011

started out as this, ended up as that

I hope you read the entire post. This doesn't stop where you think.

Do you have an old wooden sugar mold?  I just got one and it's the perfect accessory for my home. 
I recently told you about the cutest gift one of my interns gave me.
This week, my other intern surprised me with a thank you gift as well.
It was a wooden sugar mold! 
She thought it would be a cool way to organize pencils and things.
I knew I had the perfect things to put in it.

It was perfect for holding colored pencils and paintbrushes!

I was about to move it to my project room where it would look so cute
and be so handy since I had a few more things to add to it.

Then, something caught my eye.

These are some of my dad's old jewelry tools
just sitting in an ugly cheapo basket.

I've mentioned before that my dad was a manufacturing jeweler for about 40 years.
My uncle was a jeweler and my dad began working for him right out of high school.
When my uncle retired, he passed the business on to my dad.
A manufacturing jeweler designs, creates and repairs jewelry.
Someday I'll day dedicate a post to all of the cool old things I have 
from my family's jewelry business (mental note made :)

I've been wanting a creative way to display these tools.  
They deserve more than just to be thrown in an ugly cheapo basket.

Ta da!  How great is this?

It holds all of his sizers and saws and hammers and pliers and
whatever else these things are called.

I used to have so much fun as a child playing with a ring sizer.
I was alway easily entertained.

Did you ever wonder how they determined the size of a diamond or stone?
Here you go.  Here are two.

Ahh, the wood, the metal, the patina...

They've been well-used and now are well-loved.

I think I may actually tap a couple of tiny brad nails in the front
to hang the diamond sizers.

I can't believe this wooden sugar mold holds it all.
I'm so excited!

Thanks Amy!!!!

I wonder if my interns would do another year of supervision? 


  1. That's a lovely gift from your intern, and such a creative use you have found for it. It looks wonderful holding all those jewellery making items, a great family inspired piece.

  2. That is one thoughtful gift and a great way to display your family collectibles. Very unique and it looks so cool.

  3. What a great gift, It's a great visual memory keeper for both special people. Your dads tools are awesome, how nice that you have them. xoxoxo

  4. It is so nice that you have your dad's tools...and that you found the perfect way to display them!

  5. Fabulous way to show these special items of your daddys. I love when I have a "light bulb" moment like you did.

  6. Oh, fabulous! How great to have interns who know what you like, and what a fun and creative way to display your dad's tools. Love it.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my "chocolate" coffee table as well!

  7. What a great gift!!! I love how you repurposed it. Very cool.

  8. That was a lovely gift (boy your interns knew you!!) I LOVE the way you have utilized it. You are so lucky to have all your Dad's jeweler's tools and you have them displayed beautifully!! Family treasures like this are my favorite!!

  9. That is an extremely cool gift! Your interns know you. :) I love the way you've displayed all your dad's tools in it.

  10. Oh my, I love it! I've never seen a sugar mold, I don't think... You do have great interns. I love the old tools, anything wooden or industrial is great.

    Have a wonderful week,

  11. What a cool piece and how great that you get to display your dad's treasures. I think Amy gave you a perfect gift.

  12. What a special display of your dad's tools. It is so graphically interesting the way you put it together. Really cool!

  13. What a perfect way to display and honor your dad's tools... I love this. One of a kind decorating... I love this... ~ kim

  14. Girl, that is so freakin' cool! I agree with everyone else-- it's a little awesome reminder of your dad. You have the coolest stuff!

    p.s., I wanna ask you since you're a teacher-- I've been told that teachers would just prefer a simple gift card as a present. Do you agree?

  15. Oh I LOVE it....Perfect....PERFECT....P-E-R-F-E-C-T....!!!!!

    I don't think there could be a more APPROPRIATE way to pay homage to your dear Dad....!!

    CLEVER YOU....!!

  16. Loooooove it! What a wonderful way to display your dad's things. You're a creative genius!

  17. That mold is just perfect for those tools. That display looks great. Great gift and tools are outstanding.
    Joined you on Linky.
    Audrey Z
    Timeless Treasures

  18. Love this display. The tools are so perfect for this mold. Nice gift. Awesome display.
    Found you on FJI.
    Audrey Z. Timeless Treasures


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