Sunday, January 10, 2010

laundry basket addendum

I'm looking through the new Pottery Barn catalog, not to buy but for ideas, and in the corner of one of the pages I think I see my laundry basket I posted about a couple of weeks ago.  If you look at the actual catalog, you can see more of it.  This photo only shows a tease but I think it's definitely the same basket.  That's exciting to me because I am not an interior designer (I know you already figured that out) and not even a real decorator.  I've never been ahead of the decorating curve or up on the current trends.  So, to see something I bought months ago in the new Pottery barn catalog is so much fun.  My husband and son kind of laughed when I brought it home (it's quite a large basket) and Jennie's husband had an apprehensive grin on his face when she brought her's home.  But now look!  It's an accessory in Pottery Barn!  

Pottery Barn Photo: look close in the bottom right corner

this is mine :)


  1. I may just have to get one of those baskets... too cute. ~ kim

  2. That Rocks! I laughed last week at all of the bird themes they have this year...hasn't the Nester been doing that for two years?....You bloggy ladies ARE the trendsetters!

  3. Where did you find this gem?

  4. I find them at flea markets..I'm I"M going to get one..for sure. I just hope it is for the right price now... I love yours! how much did you get it for? and yes these bloggers are trend setters...

  5. Hey~it is just like mine. The liner I made to go in mine wasn't hard, and it's definitely not professionally made, by any means. But I'll try to get a tutorial together. Did yours come with a miscellaneous wire ring? I can't figure out where it's supposed to go.


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