Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wire picture frames

Does everyone's heart go pitter patter when you come home and see a UPS or FedEx delivery sitting on your front porch?  You obviously know what's in the box since you are the one who ordered it.  Still, it's a bit like Christmas or your birthday all over again.  I came home from work today and there was a little brown box all tucked away from public view sitting on my porch.  How exciting!  I know it's those picture frames I ordered.  I hope there as cute in person as they looked on the website....wait a minute while I tear into the box....oh they are!  They are called boucle frames and they are made from some simple rustic wire; no glass. I bet one would look really cute painted a creamy white and chipped a bit.   Gave one to my neighbors, the Macchios,  because I like them (best neighbors award for sure) and because Kim was the first to post my first ever comment on the blog.  She has a great blog too.  I've listed it in my blog list.  So, here are the frames and where you can get them too.

here it is with a picture of my musician son

the back is as cute as the front

more detail


  1. SO cute... can't wait to figure out a home for one of those at my house! ~ kim

  2. Those are so cute! And yes, I love seeing packages being delivered- it's a grown-ups version of Christmas morning. :)


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