Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tin ceiling tiles

When you have kids sit at a kitchen bar, they inevitably swing their legs and hit their feet against the wall under the bar.  If you have the wall painted a perfect shade of red, you soon see little white scuffs and dents and chips.  If you have the wall painted a soft shade of cream, you soon see little black scuffs and dents and flicks of food in all shades of color. So, I needed to find a solution.  I've always liked old ceiling tin but I don't really want a whole ceiling full of it (too expensive). So, I went to a local architectural salvage place and found a single tile and double tile that matched.  I think I spent less than $40. for both.  We nailed them into the wall and what do ya know, I liked it!  Who cares if my son kicks and chips it a bit?  It's already rusted and chipped and a few more chips never hurt anything.

Note: it is my sincere hope that my photography skills improve as my blogging skills improve.  You get the idea and I guess that's what is important.

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