Sunday, March 28, 2010

a few notes about this past week

In my professional life, I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist and every year we have our state's annual professional convention.  I am really involved in my state's professional association so convention time is a really busy time for me. The convention took place over this last week so I haven't been able to post anything or even worse, read all the blogs I love to follow or check out new ones.  One of the first things on my "to do" list this week is to take some time, kick back with my tall glass of sweet iced tea and catch up on blogs.

I did take a moment yesterday evening to get on my blog just to make sure it was still alive and kicking.  I glanced over my blogroll and saw that one of them I really like had a new post so I clicked on it to quickly check it out.  What a surprise for me!  Grace at Sense and Simplicity received a blog award and had to pass it on to 12 of her favorite blogs.  I scrolled down her list to see the blogs so I could I check them out if any were new to me.  Well, one was shockingly familiar...mine!  Thanks Grace!!!  Grace is a fellow Speech-Language Pathologist and an amazing photographer.  Check her blog out to see beautiful and inspiring photographs, delicious recipes and of course, great decor tips. 

So, does that mean I have to pick 12 of my favorite blogs to feature because that will be hard to do.  I'll have to give that a lot of thought. I know two blog I would spotlight for sure but the other 10 will be difficult because I like so many!  I'll be back later to highlight 12 of my favorite blogs.

Thanks again Grace!


  1. Hope this week is relaxing and easy for you. Have fun catching up.

  2. Congratulations girl! That is really cool you're a speech/language pathologist. In fact, if ya have any helpful hints for me on how to get rid of my 5 year old's lisp, pass 'em on. I'm getting a tad anxious. :)

  3. Wow, you must have had a busy week if you help to organize the convention too - that is a ton of work. I hope you learned a lot.

    I'm glad you got a pleasant surprise to go with your sweet iced tea (I've got to try a drink of that some time. I keep hearing it is southern thing).


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