Sunday, March 28, 2010

leftovers (decoratively speaking)

I had to plan centerpieces for large party with a western spring theme.  This is what I came up with which looks cool for the party but not for my house. I had a lot of those flowers left over as well as some paint I used to paint the horseshoes.   
Other leftovers hanging around my house include creamy white spraypaint, a cheap, flimsy wooden letter "G" I didn't know what to do with and a brown metal tub in the garage that I didn't like it anymore.
I have this leftover spraypaint in chrome and aluminum.
So, with all those leftovers, I cooked up a couple of new things.
Now I have this awesome "chrome" G.
and I've got a new creamy white tub...with a bunch of flowers in it.
I may add a little somethin' to it like a letter, name or word but for now I like the simple look of it.
I think I'm gonna link this to some great link parties listed at the top of my blog. Go check 'em out!


  1. Nice "new" white tub you have - good repurposing.

    I loved your "favourite blog party" list at the top of your blog so much that I had to copy you and make my own, as I was coming and using yours all the time. Plus I wanted to modify it to my own tastes. It's funny that more blogs don't have it. Thanks for the genius idea.

  2. great looking white tub.. I love spray paint too.


  3. I love all your treasures. And the boot vase is awesome!

    I'm hosting a giveaway and I'd love it if you stopped by my blog!

  4. Darn I've got a bucket like that too-- now the brain's a whirring! So cute. :)

  5. Found you through Today's Thrifty Treasures, and I'm so glad I did! New follower . . . love your style (especially your tagline in your header b/c that's my life!). Really like the white tub!

  6. Wow! All of those look great!

  7. The 'G' looks awesome! No trace of it ever being wood.

  8. Looks completely refreshed and ready to go for the holidays. Repurposing is so great. Hope you'll drop by and see our lavender fantasy bath. -- Jane F.

  9. The boot vase is great! Love the bucket too. Blessings, Vicky


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