Sunday, March 21, 2010

front porch update...welcome spring?

There's a saying down here in Texas: 
if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it'll change. 

Remember this?
and this?
and this from exactly one week ago?

Now, we have this!

Yep!  Thatabe SNOW!
(translation for those who don't speak Texas: That would be SNOW!)

The first day of Spring yesterday and we get snow in Texas. So now we are back to this:

Hopefully, later in the week, we'll be back to this, she said with fingers crossed:

and this:
For now, the new plants are all safe in the garage.


  1. Amen, sista! That's exactly what happened here in UT. Beautiful day, and that night we got dumped on. No more snow, man.

  2. burrrr.... I'm cold! I'm ready for the sunshine again! Your flowers look so pretty too... I can not wait to get planting this week... ~ kim

  3. Crazy, Coppell got about three inches, my daughter in McKinney got about 8! We have the garage again full of plants and some covered that were in the ground. Surely this is it!

  4. How crazy is that. My dad lives in TX also. I need to check in with him and see if he got any. They were having a trail ride on their ranch this weekend so I'm not sure how that would affect them. Hopefully the sun will shine for you real soon.

  5. Oops....this happened here in Abilene, too, only not as bad. I've been waiting for the mesquite trees to bud out before putting flowers's got to be getting close now!


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