Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Since you've asked

I've had a few comments (can't believe I actually get comments :) about the flag that hangs above my fireplace in my den in progress.  Several people have asked where I got it or how I made it.  I got it at an antique mall several years ago; just saw it sitting alone in a vendor's booth.  So, I didn't make it but I know many of you skilled, crafty people certainly could.  So, here it is with some close up shots which are supposed to show you how one did this but really just show you how bad my photography skills still are.  Will they ever get better?  I'm beginning to think I have a little learning disability in photography.    
Here's the picture where some of you noticed the flag. 
Close up: Someone took an old window frame with glass and carefully folded the flag to fit just right in the frame.  It looks to me like it's a pretty old flag (some mild staining, wear).  I'm sure you could take a new one and mildly distress it without breaking any patriotic flag rules.  Yes folks, there is a detailed flag code.
Original latches and hardware are still attached.

Some closeups so you can see how it's folded.

Closeup shows the layers of paint or it at least it would if I could focus a camera.  Trust me, several layers of paint are on it. 

And an added bonus: here's mini me.  This little flag hangs in the same room.  It's tiny, about 2"x4" in a 3x5 frame.
I just love that little thang.
Although I'm not Canadian, my father's father was as was all of his family. My father was the first generation born in the US.   I would like to add a Canadian flag, small or large, framed similarly, to my little collection. If anyone comes across a worn out Canadian flag they want to throw out, let me know!

And there you have it.  Question answered. 


  1. I love that! I used to have a giant flag hanging in our old house and I miss that here, YOur photo has inspired me to hang one up again! Thanks for the inspiration... Theresa

  2. I'll have to look out for a worn Canadian flag for you or do you want to distress a new one? I think that was very clever of someone to fold the flag to fit the size of the window frame.

  3. Grace,
    What's the saying, "beggars can't be choosers?". A worn one would be great but I could distress a new one with my southern tea:)

  4. Thank you for posting that! I loooove it. So beautiful. Wish I could steal my grampa's flag and do the same thing. :)

    Also thanks for the advice/comfort on the whole lisp thing. You rock.

  5. Your flags are so cool! I think your photography skills are just fine, I really liked your pictures and your room looks amazing..thanks for sharing the info on your flag.

    :) Michelle

  6. What a lovely way to display a flag, carefully folded in the frame. Thank you for sharing.

  7. oh wow! I love this! I have an old window frame that isn't being used yet...AND! I have my Grandfathers LAST old flag that he flew daily in front of his home AS WELL AS a Texas flag. Both yellowed with age, and needing to be framed. You've given me a great idea! I was wondering how to frame them tastefully. Thanks for sharing this!
    I hope you find a Canadian Flag. Have you tried ebay? Just saying.

  8. Oh I like! The aged flag looks wonderful in an equally aged window frame. I'll keep my eyes open for you for a vintage Canadian flag, eh? :)

    Thanks for linking up to Old Windows SNS!

  9. I love the old window character encasing our Flag!

  10. LOVE your 'flag in a window' and the mini flag is so cute. I just have to have one now too. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a wee Canadian flag for you too. You may end up with a whole collection! :D

  11. I love it such a great idea xxx


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