Thursday, August 5, 2010

a small change and something for Mandi

Those of you that follow will remember my recently redone entryway.  Here is a picture to refresh your memory:

Do you see the little hooks on it?  There are three of them.  They came in kind of a nickel color and I painted them white...but I didn't really love them.  They are kind of plain.  So, I changed them.

Sundance Catalog had these chalkboard ones on clearance.
They're a little bit industrial, a little vintage, a little gym lockerish.
I think they look a lot better than the old ones.  Cute.

...and now something for Mandi:  Mandi at Tidbits from the Tremaynes wanted to see close up pictures of my newly painted concrete floors in the sunroom.  So this is for her.  Now, remember that I didn't roll the paint on for a uniform finish.  I like to swirl it around for a visual effect, sort of like a loft look.  The paint looks like a different color in the pictures because of lighting but in real life, it is the color of picture number one.  So, Mandi, here is a close up:
Please disregard the unattached quarter round molding we haven't finished yet.
You can see the finish but the color is off in this picture. (too much sun)
At the top of this picture, you can barely see the repaired floor from where we removed the fireplace tile and painted.  Blends in pretty well, huh?
If you use a roller, you'll have even, solid coverage if you prefer that.  There you go, Mandi.


  1. Love those hooks! So different. Great job on the deck painting. It looks terrific.

  2. I like the hooks! I've never heard of Sundance. Gonna have to check them out.

  3. I love LOVE you for posting pics! Thanks so much! It looks so awesome. One day my basement will be done like that! (one day. . . )

  4. You can not see any repair, perfect. Hooks are great, I have to order that catalog. Amazing what a tee tiny change can do.

  5. Those hooks are great! I like the new look.

  6. Cool hooks. You're making me wish we had a concrete floor I could paint!

  7. *sigh* That probably doesn't work so well for the outside, does it?

    It's so lovely and the patio where we just ripped the hot tub out? So ugly...

  8. Very fun hooks! I love how they add that industrial/gym locker feel!


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