Monday, January 17, 2011

Another one?

Yep, I found another red number 3 and this one is a doozy!  (Is that how you spell doozy?) 
We needed a little break this past weekend from some pretty tough things going on around here 
(I've been thinking about sharing what's happened but it's been a difficult one to write).

So, we went to the Round Top Winter Antiques Show to have a look around.  
It was a great break from things.  There were the amazing (AMAZING) things usually found there 
but not the usual overwhelming crowds.  I could have spent a fortune.  

I did find that great big red 3 I mentioned.
It's porcelain and has the huge bolts that stick out of the back since it was part of a sign.

Those bolts were almost 3 inches long.  We discussed how we could hang it 
or how we could cut the bolts off...and then how would we hang it.  Not sure what I wanted to do,
I went to set it on the table and guess what I discovered?

The bolts make the perfect stand to hold the 3 up.  
Who needs to hang it when it comes with its own built-in stand?

It's about a foot tall.  
(I got that little bowling pin there too.)

For now it's on my mantle but I'm not sure I'm leaving it there.

Everywhere I set it, it looks good so I can't decide where it will live.

I got it for $15 bucks.  Some of the similar ones were going for about $40.
That's a good enough deal for me.


  1. That's how I spell "doozy" and it is!! It looks great with the pins and what I saw of the flag!

  2. that three! and that it has its own stand. it looks great with the bowling pin.

  3. That was a great deal. Love the 3 and love that it stand up on its own. This reminds me I have to show off my 2 I got from a giveaway!

  4. Gina,

    I LOVE that 3. I'm in northwest Houston and only a couple of hours from Round Top; I'm kicking myself that I didn't go. We just started our master bath reno instead, which I love even more!


  5. I love it Gina! I also love the bowling pin (I purchased three last weekend . . . posted about it over the weekend). I hope whatever is going on in your life settles down! You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Great deal! Maybe if I comment how much I love it, I'll find me one here in FLA like the other 3 sign!! Crossing my fingers.

  7. I love that 3, and I LOVE that old bowling pin! so cool! Can I have one?

    Please tell me what's going on. Would ya? Expecting an email from you, love muffin.

  8. Cool self standing #3! And the price was sweet!

    I'm sorry your having a rough time. My father in law used to tell me "Time fixes everything." I'm still not sure it's always true, but it made me feel better just the same. So Gina, time fixes everything.

    I think.

  9. That is just the perfect thing for you!
    Love how it stands up by itself.
    Hope you're finding your way through the rough patch. I like what Suzanne said..time fixes everything. I have found that to be the case too.

  10. I was looking at the photo where you said, "The big red one," and thought: "Umm...Gina? That's white. Where's the red one?"

    Because in the Lori-Universe, things only have one side.


  11. oh I love it! A foot tall, that is great and looks wonderful where you placed it. Hmm, I think of you with threes, do you think of me with napkins?

  12. Love your '3', Gina!! I have a feeling that you were meant to find it :D Enjoy ~ Tina xx


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