Sunday, August 14, 2011

just right

I've been on a hunt lately for just the right container to hold jars 
for kitchen organization and storage.
I've seen wonderful ideas in blogland for using jars and 
jar carriers for a variety of uses and I wanted one.
The Virginia House

I've found some on Etsy and other places but none so far
have been just right for me.
They have all been either too expensive, too simple,
lacking character, too small or just not me. 

Then, I found this:
This old wooden and metal tote was it!

Four jars fit in it perfectly.

Love all the rustic detail.  There are little holders I guess for
screwdrivers or whatever that would hold pens if I decide 
to use it for something else.

I put my jars in and sat it on my little "tableisland".

I added the forks, knives and spoons.

On the other side, there is room for paper plates and plasticware.

It holds it all perfectly, makes everything convenient and easy to get to
and frees up a whole drawer in the kitchen to use for something else.

My little kitchen tableisland is a one stop shop for whatever we need.

I love this little unique tool tote. I could use it for so many things.
I'm still on the lookout for just the right milk bottle carrier.
I still want one but for now, this tote is just right.

I've been noticing a change in my style over the last few months.
Have you noticed it too?  
I think it's evolving into something unexpected for me.
I'm working on a post to explain it all.  
It may mean some little changes are in store for this little blog.
Stay tuned.


  1. I made a tote just like that one! Nice find! Mine is white and says EAT on it... I also have the same exact bread box!
    Great minds must think alike!
    I like your taste!

  2. I know, why are they so pricey. Love your twist on it.

  3. That is GREAT...Now I want one. I will be searching. I hope all is well and hopefully I will see you at Lone Star soon.

  4. I ove your tool caddy in the kitchen... why? Because I have one just like it in mine! I think they work great in there! t. xoxoo

  5. I love your tote! That is a perfect addition to your kitchen organization. I love finding things like that.

  6. I found a perfect metal one in an antique store. The problem was, it was $98! Excuse me?? It's probably still there.

    I LOVE yours! The wood and metal combination is so cool!

  7. Love that you are finding your authentic style! What keeps it authentic is that it changes as we change. It's always an adventure! :)

  8. I love when you give a bigger glimpse of your house. . . I am just amazed. You have an island/table? It is FABULOUS!

  9. This tote is wonderful! You have the BEST ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I LOVE that tool caddy! Great idea to use it in the kitchen. Hmm, wonder what your little changes are going to be?

  11. Your blog has been featured on our blog today.

  12. I love your tool caddy ..think I will try to mae one!!

  13. How funny. I was just on etsy looking at those bottle carriers! I haven't found one just yet either. I do love that wooden caddy. The metal trim is great and it can be used for so many thing!

  14. I used to like my old things to be pristine and clean now the grungier the better! I like old, tarnished, bumped and bruised. The tarnished silver platter on my dinning room table drives my mother insane (a bonus you say?)!!! I love your tote, it's perfect.

  15. this wooden tote is wonderful. I have a real "thing" for carriers, love how you're using it on your island! thanks so much for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  16. dotcha just love having the cutlery etc so available - a wonderful easy choice that makes life better!


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