Tuesday, August 30, 2011

maybe vintage, definitely cool

When I was at the Red Shed this past weekend for their Saturday sale,
I stumbled across these jars.
They were selling them filled with old vintage buttons.

I like the size, shape and design of them.
They are square with fluting and have
that little flared flange at the bottom.

I think they are interesting.  The buttons are cool too.
Do you want to know why they really caught my eye?

Look closely.  Do you see the etched writing on the bottom?

That's a family name. 
My great-grandmother was Mamie Woods.
My grandmother was Myrtle Lou Liza Woods (before she was married).
I know you all will want to write down that unique name 
for any future little girls you may have :)
I'll probably keep one of these jars and give one to my cousin for Christmas.
The lids on the jars are new.  I don't know much about the jars but 
it doesn't matter to me.  They look vintage and bear a family name.
That makes them especially cool in my book.

I think I've finally decided on a blog name.
I'm kind of excited about it.
I'll probably share it this weekend.


  1. Those are cool! I've never seen jars like that before.
    Yes, that is a great name! :)

  2. Well. . . I DO name my girls "M" names. . . so I guess I will have to hang on to both of them!! ;)

    Those are rad. I still stare at my adorable milk jugs and think of you. So cute. They may be getting their own, new place in my kitchen. :)

  3. they remind me of those sugar dispensers in the old time-y malt shops. But very cool about the name.

    And very cool about your blog name too. Can't wait to find out what it is.

  4. I work by day as a medical lab tech and can tell you that these jars are for staining glass slides. They are filled with various stains and the slides are kept upright between the flutes.

    They are probably somewhat vintage in this day of disposable everything. I use these jars on a daily basis and love the heaviness of the glass. Fun find!

  5. Your jars have an art deco feel to them. Great serendipity on the name.

  6. Cool shape to the jars and even cooler that the name relates to your family. Nice find.

  7. How neat that the jars have sentimental value...bearing your family name! :) Love the shape of them!


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