Saturday, August 20, 2011

lightning speed

Indulge me for a moment please while I depart from my usual
junking, decorating, cottage, farmhouse kind of posts.

My only child begins high school this week.  High School!  9th Grade!
That means only 4 more years before college.
Any clue how to slow down this train down?
It's all going by way too fast.

100 seat lecture his high school!


cafeteria; although it's more like a food court at a mall

Four previous photos from VLK Architects
Last evening, he was invited with a group of friends to
go to a restaurant and have dinner to celebrate the start of high school...
alone...with out us...with boys and girls...
with out any parents....with out any adults...with out supervision.
It was another first for us.  
I'm not ready for this.

I may get to blog more often I guess since he
seems to be needing me less and less.
I like that he's becoming independent and
turning into a great young man.
I just miss the little boy.


  1. Oh, I feel the same. First son is going into grade 9/high school too. I've had years and years of my beloved nieces and nephews doing it, but this year it's my child. Where did the time go! But I agree, he is a lovely mature young man and more than ready. Even if mom is not :)

  2. There is no way to slow it down. Believe me, I've tried! All you can do is slow yourself down and really pay attention to these next 4 years. I wish I had done that all along, from the first full day of being a mom until now.

    But the good thing is, you'll always be his mom, even if he's not a little boy anymore.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can so relate to this post :S Our eldest daughter is 2/3rds of the way through year 9, and it seems like only yesterday that she started pre-school!! I have to say that the one thing I have learned (and probably the one thing that our beautiful big girl would not admit to) ... is that they need their Mama, just as much as they always have ;) In the meantime, enjoy that extra blogging time . Hugs from one 9th grader mama to another~ xx

  4. Happy Sunday! I log on to read your blog and notice change! Looks good Red No. 3.

    All I can tell you is children growing up is a gift - we get to see them become the people God put them on earth to become. Just when you've gotten used to your baby riding a bike, he starts driving a car, then goes off to college and then (as mine did this summer) calls and to tell you he's just gotten accepted into Jump School. What a ride! Hold on, not too tightly, pray, blog. Life is good. cJoy


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